F-star and Takeda Unite to Research and Engineer Cutting-Edge Multi-Specific Antibodies!

F-star Therapeutics, an invoX company, announced today an exciting strategic discovery collaboration and licence agreement with Takeda. Leveraging F-star’s proprietary fully-human Fcab™ and tetravalent mAb²™ platforms, the two organizations will work together to develop powerful next-generation multi-specific immunotherapies for cancer patients.

Under the terms of the agreement, they will jointly research Fcab domains against undisclosed immuno-oncology targets, with Takeda receiving a worldwide, exclusive royalty-bearing licence to research, develop and commercialise antibodies containing Fcab domains. At the same time, F-star retains the right to research and develop antibodies containing certain other Fcab domains.

F-star has entered into a partnership that will not only provide an upfront payment and research funding, but could also yield a staggering $1 billion in milestone payments and royalties from annual net sales of any commercial products resulting from the license. It is truly a groundbreaking opportunity for F-star!

We are thrilled to strengthen our existing relationship with Takeda to develop pioneering multi-specific immunotherapies to improve the lives of people with cancer. Our Fcab™ and mAb²™ platforms, that have been successfully validated in clinical studies, are combined with Takeda’s deep understanding of the immune system to bring progression in drug development and closer to the clinic. Dr. Neil Brewis, Head of F-star Therapeutics and Chief Scientific Officer, extolled the collaboration, saying they share a shared vision of improving cancer treatments for those fighting the disease.

Takeda and F-star have taken yet another huge step in terms of collaboratively developing innovative therapies that will target cancer cells and benefit patients—this time with a third licence agreement. This agreement represents an expansion of their research program in developing novel multi-specific antibodies.

Since 2022, F-star’s proprietary Fcab™ discovery platform has enabled powerful tetravalent mAb² bispecific programs that have been driving progress across the collaboration. With the success of this latest agreement, we can be sure to expect more efficient and effective therapies to come out of the partnership between Takeda and F-star.

About F-star

F-star is on a mission to create a future free from cancer and other serious diseases. Working at the forefront of immunotherapy, the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business is pioneering bispecific antibodies to revolutionize treatments. With four second-generation immuno-oncology therapeutics currently in the clinic and an extensive patent estate covering its proprietary antibody discovery platform, F-star is making strides towards its goal. The company has established multiple partnerships with biopharma giants to target unmet needs in oncology, immunology, and CNS. With F-star at the wheel, more people with cancer can hope to live longer and better lives.

About invoX

invoX Pharma, a UK-based biopharmaceutical company, has established its presence in the global top 40 pharmaceutical industry this March 2021. Founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sino Biopharm, a global leader in the pharmaceutical sector with more than 24,000 employees, invoX is committed to bridging the gap between unmet patient needs and innovative new treatments. Its expertise lies in oncology and respiratory therapeutic, and the company is focused on making a global impact with its pipeline of effective new products. As such, invoX Pharma is determined to serve its customers by improving the lives of patients worldwide.

About Sino Biopharm

At Sino Biopharm, we are passionate about improving lives and reshaping the future of oncology, hepato-pulmonary, and surgical care. Through investments in cutting-edge research and strong manufacturing capabilities, we are working towards instigating innovative therapeutic solutions that are accessible to all. Our broader vision for healthcare is grounded in providing quality treatment for our customers and furthering our commitment to giving back to the global community.

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