FDA Gives Green Light to da Vinci SP Robot-Assisted Simple Prostatectomy!

Intuitive (NASDAQ: ISRG), a global leader in minimally invasive care and innovator of robotic-assisted surgery, is pleased to announce that the Food and Drug Administration has granted clearance for the da Vinci SP surgical system for simple prostatectomy as a representative procedure. This clearance expands the list of urologic surgical procedures that are now available for use with the da Vinci system, providing a safe and effective alternative for patients and healthcare professionals.

For those suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate, a simple prostatectomy may be the solution. This surgical procedure involves the removal of the portion of the prostate that is blocking the flow of urine, providing relief from the symptoms of BPH. With this procedure, patients can experience an improved quality of life and increased urinary flow.

The FDA has given the green light to the da Vinci SP surgical system for transvesical approach to simple and radical prostatectomy. This breakthrough technology allows for a minimally invasive and precise operation, offering better outcomes and faster recoveries for patients undergoing prostate surgery.

Radical prostatectomy is performed to remove the entire prostate gland in patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This procedure is often necessary to help improve the patient’s prognosis and future quality of life. By removing the entire prostate gland, the chances of the cancer returning or spreading are significantly reduced.

Intuitive is excited to announce the expansion of its existing urology indication for da Vinci SP with the addition of simple prostatectomy and the transvesical approach to prostatectomy. According to Intuitive’s Chief Medical Officer Myriam Curet, M.D., this expansion promises to provide a more comprehensive range of options for urological procedures.

As the clinical evidence for the use of the SP system continues to grow, we are excited to continue our work of furthering minimally invasive surgery in a safe and secure manner. By leveraging the latest advancements in technology, we strive to make surgery less invasive and more effective for patients everywhere.

The da Vinci SP system is revolutionary robotic-assisted technology that provides surgeons with unprecedented access to deep and narrow tissue structures in the body. Through minimally invasive procedures and single, small incisions or natural orifices, this advanced technology offers a modern and safe approach to complex surgeries.

The da Vinci SP system combines innovation and precision to deliver a truly groundbreaking surgical experience. With three wristed instruments and a 3D, HD camera all emerging from a single cannula, it provides a minimally invasive approach to surgical procedures.

By properly triangulating the instruments and camera around the target anatomy, the system avoids external instrument collisions in even the most narrow surgical workspaces.

The da Vinci SP system offers unprecedented flexibility and range of motion for surgeons. Its single SP arm allows for 360-degrees of anatomical access, giving surgeons the power to control the fully articulating instruments and the camera from the same console as the da Vinci X and Xi systems. With this state-of-the-art system, surgeons can access areas of the body with greater precision and accuracy than ever before.

Da Vinci SP is revolutionizing healthcare in Japan and Korea, providing a wide range of medical treatments and procedures across multiple disciplines. From complex surgeries to minimally invasive techniques, this robotic system is helping to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare more accessible.

The FDA has given its seal of approval for the use of SP in urology and transoral otolaryngology procedures in the United States, enabling the latest innovations in minimally invasive surgery. However, this technology is not yet approved for use in general laparoscopic surgery procedures.

Intuitive’s da Vinci X and Xi multi-port surgical systems are the fourth generation of cutting-edge technology from the company’s expansive portfolio of surgical systems. The da Vinci X and Xi promise to revolutionize the way surgery is performed, bringing a new level of precision and accuracy to the operating room. With these revolutionary systems, Intuitive is setting a new standard for minimally invasive surgery.

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At Intuitive, we are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by introducing advanced robotic surgery technologies that are revolutionizing minimally invasive care. Our groundbreaking technologies, such as the da Vinci surgical system and the Ion endoluminal system, are bringing the future of care closer to reality by allowing physicians and their teams to quickly identify and treat diseases in an effective and less invasive manner.

By combining our advanced systems and progressive learning with value-enhancing services, we are enabling patients to get back to their lives faster and with better outcomes. We are leading the way towards a future of care that is profoundly better than what is possible today.

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