Filippo Canducci Joins Enthera Pharmaceuticals as Chief Medical Officer

Enthera Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company pioneering novel biologics for select autoimmune conditions, is pleased to announce the addition of Filippo Canducci MD, PhD to its team as Chief Medical Officer. With over two decades of experience in translational medicine, clinical research and drug development, Dr. Canducci will be responsible for driving the clinical development of Enthera’s lead asset, Ent001, a first-in-class monoclonal antibody (mAb) designed to target the IGFBP3/TMEM219 axis, a pathway implicated in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and type 1 diabetes (T1D). In addition, Dr. Canducci will oversee the progress of Enthera’s additional pipeline candidates as the company works to build its proprietary discovery platform for the development of safe and effective biologics for autoimmune diseases.

Enthera is thrilled to have Filippo join their team as they embark on the clinical trial of Ent001. His extensive scientific and industry expertise from notable biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, makes him the perfect leader to take the company forward. His outstanding knowledge in the field of autoimmune diseases will be invaluable in developing innovative treatments for patients in need.

Enthera is paving the way for revolutionary treatments in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with their portfolio of selective inhibitors based on the novel scientific discovery of the IGFBP3/TMEM219 pathway. Ent001 is the only drug of its kind currently in development, with immense potential to halt and even reverse disease progression in both IBD and T1D. Filippo Canducci, Chief Medical Officer of Enthera, is excited to work with the team to guide Ent001’s rapid entry into the clinic and to further develop the company’s pipeline. This innovative approach to challenging diseases marks a new era of medicine.

Dr. Filippo Canducci is a highly educated individual, having obtained his MD from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome, his PhD from the University of Trieste and his MBA from the prestigious SDA Bocconi – School of Management. His contribution to the scientific field has been immense, with more than 80 peer-reviewed papers published in renowned journals, making him a highly respected figure in the academic world.

About Enthera Pharmaceuticals

Enthera Srl is a pioneering biotech company that is revolutionizing the treatment of autoimmune diseases by restoring stem cells. Our primary focus is on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and type 1 diabetes (T1D). Our novel biologics are set to transform the way these conditions are managed, offering patients a more effective and longer-lasting solution.

Enthera is leading the way with its groundbreaking research into the IGFBP3/TMEM219 pathway, which has been identified as playing a key role in stem cell and beta cell apoptosis in the gut and pancreas. By capitalizing on this pathway, Enthera is paving the way for greater understanding of the development and maintenance of these vital organs.

Ent001, Enthera’s pioneering drug, is the only one of its kind in development with the ability to restore the original intestinal structure and the endogenous pancreatic stem cell compartment in both IBD and T1D, potentially restoring organ function in the process. This is a groundbreaking development that could revolutionize treatments for a range of diseases.

Enthera is a pioneering biotechnology company based in Milan, Italy that was founded in 2016 by Prof Paolo Fiorina and Dr Francesca D’Addio. With the backing of leading investors such as Sofinnova Partners, AbbVie, JDRF T1D Fund, and Roche, the company is revolutionizing the field of healthcare through its cutting-edge discovery engine and patented assets.

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