First Patient Treated in Revolutionary iLSTA Trial with Novel Peptide for Non-Resectable Pancreatic Cancer: Lisata Therapeutics and WARPNINE Show Promise

Lisata Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: LSTA) and WARPNINE Incorporated have joined forces to pioneer a new trial to treat advanced pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). The iLSTA Trial is the first of its kind to combine Lisata’s innovative LSTA1 therapy with standard-of-care chemotherapy and immunotherapy as a first-line treatment. The trial has successfully treated its first patient, marking a major milestone in the fight against this serious disease.

WARPNINE and Lisata have joined forces to bring an exciting new clinical trial to patients with locally advanced non-resectable PDAC. The iLSTA Trial is a 30-patient, randomized, single-blind, single-center safety and pharmacodynamic phase 1b/2a study evaluating the potential of LSTA1 in combination with durvalumab, plus standard-of-care chemotherapy, nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine, versus standard-of-care alone.

WARPNINE will provide full funding and manage recruitment activities while Lisata provides the study drug, LSTA1, and regulatory support. Both parties are committed to using the data to advance the development of LSTA1, with the ultimate goal of providing hope to patients in need.

The iLSTA Trial is a groundbreaking opportunity to use immunotherapy to fight pancreatic cancer, a disease that has long been resistant to immunotherapeutic treatments. By combining LSTA1 with standard-of-care chemotherapy and immunotherapy, the trial seeks to improve chemotherapy delivery into the tumour and increase the effectiveness of tumour infiltrating lymphocytes and immunotherapy compounds to better combat the disease.

Led by Dr. Andrew Dean, MBChB, MRCP (UK), FRACP, Medical Oncologist and Principal Investigator, the trial is the first major step in unlocking the power of immunotherapy against pancreatic cancer.

At WARPNINE, we are on a mission to revolutionize pancreatic, gastro-intestinal, and rare cancers by transforming them into curable diseases. Thanks to the incredible support of our community, we are able to sponsor a promising and potentially life-changing trial.

We believe that together, with the power of our community, we can make a real difference in the lives of those affected by these devastating diseases. With your help, we can make strides towards finding the cancer treatments of the future, today.

We are proud to announce that the first patient has been dosed in our iLSTA Trial of LSTA1, a potential new treatment option for patients with pancreatic cancer in Australia who have few remaining alternatives.

With the generous support of WARPNINE, we are thrilled to be making progress towards providing meaningful treatments to those in need. At Lisata, we are committed to creating new hope for patients and are excited to see what the future holds for LSTA1.

About LSTA1

LSTA1 is an exciting new investigational drug that could revolutionize how cancer is treated. It is designed to activate a novel transport pathway that increases the penetration of anti-cancer drugs into solid tumors, resulting in more efficient delivery and accumulation of the drugs in the tumor. In addition, LSTA1 has the potential to make tumors more susceptible to immunotherapies, making cancer treatments more effective.

Non-clinical data and clinical trials suggest it is safe, tolerable, and could have promising clinical activity in pancreatic cancer patients. LSTA1 could be a major breakthrough in cancer treatment, and further research will show if it is truly a game-changer.

About WARPNINE Incorporated

WARPNINE is a revolutionary research initiative based in Western Australia that is dedicated to finding better treatments and outcomes for pancreatic, gastro-intestinal, and rare cancers. Led by a team of esteemed cancer specialists, this project seeks to address the lack of resources and research available to these underfunded and under-recognized diseases. At WARPNINE, we are committed to making a real difference in patients’ lives and continuing to improve Western Australia’s already impressive record with these cancers.

About Lisata Therapeutics

Lisata Therapeutics is on a mission to develop innovative treatments for advanced solid tumors and other major diseases. Their lead investigational product candidate, LSTA1, is designed to activate a novel uptake pathway that allows anti-cancer drugs to penetrate solid tumors more effectively. This active transport system works in a tumor-specific manner to promote systemic delivery of drugs while leaving normal tissue unaffected.

Clinical trials have shown LSTA1 is safe and tolerable, and can enhance the delivery of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. In addition, non-clinical data suggests it can help deliver a range of other treatments, including immunotherapies and RNA-based therapeutics. By exploring the potential of LSTA1, Lisata hopes to revolutionize the way solid tumors are treated.

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