Former Board Member Exits Company at Key Moment of Change

Today, IRLAB Therapeutics AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: IRLAB A) announced that An van Es-Johansson has chosen to step down from her role as a member of the board. IRLAB Therapeutics is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based company that is dedicated to discovering and developing innovative treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

An van Es-Johansson’s departure from the Board of IRLAB will leave it with five members, in accordance with the organization’s articles of association which stipulate that the Board should have at least three and no more than ten members. This number will remain until the next annual general meeting in June 2023, when a new Board will be elected.

“Carola Lemne, Chair of the Board at IRLAB, expressed her gratitude for An’s hard work and dedication over the past year.”


Ipsen, a specialty pharma company, recently acquired exclusive global rights to the development and commercialization of mesdopetam (IRL790) and pirepemat (IRL752), two of IRLAB’s most advanced drug candidates. These treatments are designed to treat some of the most difficult symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease and other CNS disorders, and are currently in Phase IIb. With this acquisition, IRLAB is poised to make major strides in the fight against chronic neurological conditions.

IRLAB, a cutting-edge biopharmaceutical company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, is making major strides in the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. With its proprietary Integrative Screening Process (ISP) research platform, IRLAB has discovered and developed a strong clinical pipeline of groundbreaking novel drug candidates. Additionally, three preclinical programs, IRL942, IRL757, and IRL1117, are also progressing towards Phase I studies. Through IRLAB’s innovation and dedication to finding treatments for CNS disorders, the company continues to make waves in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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