Foundation Medicine Revolutionizes Health Monitoring with Launch of FoundationOne®Monitor

Today Foundation Medicine, Inc., has unveiled the launch of its cutting-edge ctDNA monitoring assay, FoundationOne®Monitor – available for research use in retrospective studies. FoundationOne Monitor offers a unique glimpse into Foundation Medicine’s ctDNA tumor fraction biomarker, combining high sensitivity with specific, actionable insights. ctDNA levels can now be tracked with unprecedented accuracy.

FoundationOne Monitor provides a powerful opportunity for therapy developers to study treatment response and assess resistance to therapy—all with a single test. By quantifying ctDNA tumor fraction at each timepoint, the test offers precise insights into molecular response that are not possible with standard imaging alone. With capabilities covering more than 300 genes, FoundationOne Monitor is an invaluable tool for clinical research—especially when tumor tissue is not available for testing.

Foundation Medicine has announced the launch of FoundationOne®Tracker, an innovative tissue-informed ctDNA test for precise treatment response monitoring. The test is now being made available for research use, with an early access program to a limited number of clinical customers, and plans to expand for broad availability in the United States later in 2023. FoundationOne Tracker facilitates personalized treatment strategies when tumor tissue is available, allowing for enhanced, customized monitoring of treatment efficacy.

Foundation Medicine is revolutionizing the biopharma industry with the addition of FoundationOne Monitor to its comprehensive monitoring portfolio. With access to advanced monitoring capabilities when tissue is not available, FoundationOne Monitor helps biopharma partners obtain comprehensive insights into treatment response, study individual variants, identify resistance mechanisms, and accurately quantify ctDNA tumor fraction – all with one convenient solution. As Vice President of Biopharma Enterprise Partnerships Jason Adams puts it, “Foundation Medicine is proud to provide a one-stop shop for biopharma partners’ treatment response monitoring research needs.”

About Foundation Medicine: Your Essential Partner in Cancer Care

Foundation Medicine is a leader in cancer molecular profiling, working to revolutionize clinical care and research. We partner with a wide range of collaborators in the cancer space and are committed to delivering best-in-class quality and renowned scientific output.

Guided by our knowledge on cancer biology, our solutions guide physicians on effective treatment for their patients and drive researchers to create revolutionary medications. Every day, we endeavor to give our colleagues the tools to find answers and make an impact, inspiring more individuals across the world to access precision cancer care.

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