Fresenius Kabi and AABB Unveil the Thrilling Kickoff of the 18th Annual Blood Collectors Week: September 3-9, 2023 – Get Ready to Make a Life-Saving Impact!

Championing Unsung Heroes of Healthcare: Fresenius Kabi and AABB Illuminate the 18th Annual Blood Collectors Week, September 3-9, 2023

LAKE ZURICH, Ill. & BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Brace yourselves for a week of heartfelt recognition as Fresenius Kabi and AABB proudly unveil the 18th Annual Blood Collectors Week, running from September 3rd to 9th, 2023. During this extraordinary week, we pay tribute to the dedicated individuals who serve as the vital link between blood donors and patients relying on life-saving blood transfusions.

Blood Collectors Week stands as an annual testament to the unwavering commitment of these unsung heroes, including phlebotomists, apheresis operators, medical directors, donor recruiters, technicians, and drivers. They are the unsung champions who ensure that the lifeline of blood flows to those in dire need of medical intervention.

This remarkable initiative is a collaborative effort between AABB (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies), an international beacon for transfusion medicine and biotherapies, and Fresenius Kabi, a global healthcare powerhouse renowned for its expertise in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, clinical nutrition, and cutting-edge medical technologies.

Dean Gregory, President of MedTech Global Commercial Operations at Fresenius Kabi, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to once again join forces with AABB to celebrate Blood Collectors Week and pay homage to the unswerving dedication of blood collectors in the U.S. Every drop of blood they collect represents a lifeline to patients in crisis, underscoring the profound impact of their life-saving efforts. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all blood collectors for their invaluable contributions to the well-being of countless individuals and their pivotal role in preserving lives.”

Across the nation, nearly 300 blood centers are gearing up for festivities that honor local collectors, recognizing their unwavering commitment to the health and safety of patients. These celebrations will serve as a powerful testament to the tireless dedication of these unsung heroes.

Debra BenAvram, FASAE, CAE, Chief Executive Officer of AABB, emphasized the critical role played by blood collectors, stating, “Our nation’s blood collectors are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly every day to ensure the safety and availability of the blood supply. Their heroic work helps to provide optimal care for patients throughout the country. As we celebrate Blood Collectors Week this year, AABB is proud to continue our partnership with Fresenius Kabi to honor blood collectors and thank them for the critical role they play in the healthcare system.”

Join us in applauding the remarkable work of these heroes during the 18th Annual Blood Collectors Week, as we celebrate their selfless contributions to the world of healthcare.

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At the forefront of global healthcare innovation stands Fresenius Kabi, a dynamic company dedicated to revolutionizing patient care. Specializing in cutting-edge medicines and advanced technologies for infusion, transfusion, and clinical nutrition, Fresenius Kabi is on a mission to empower healthcare providers in their quest to treat critical and chronic conditions. With its U.S. headquarters nestled in the vibrant hub of Lake Zurich, Illinois, and its global command center in the heart of Bad Homburg, Germany, Fresenius Kabi is a beacon of excellence that illuminates the path to a healthier, brighter future.

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Our diverse membership is a vibrant tapestry of medical trailblazers, including physicians, nurses, scientists, researchers, administrators, and medical technologists. Together, we form a dynamic global network spanning over 80 countries, working tirelessly to shape the future of healthcare. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, AABB’s accreditation reaches institutions in more than 50 countries, propelling healthcare innovation worldwide.

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