Gencurix Receives Green Light for Advanced EGFR Mutation Test Using Digital PCR

Gencurix, a leading cancer molecular diagnostics company, has just been granted approval by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the Droplex EGFR Mutation Test v2 – a revolutionary product that has also received CE certification in Europe. This amazing, companion diagnostic tool has been specifically designed to detect EGFR mutations in NSCLC patients, enabling clinicians to quickly and accurately select the most appropriate targeted anticancer therapy on the basis of the test results – all through the efficient use of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR instrument.

This product is revolutionizing EGFR mutation tests! Compared to existing RT-PCR tests, this product offers significantly higher sensitivity – making it possibe to accurately detect mutations at a lower concentration, even from plasma samples. Not to mention, this test’s ability to detect up to 107 mutations makes it much more accurate than its competitors’ tests. Unprecedented accuracy in EGFR mutation testing, only available with this revolutionary product.

Recent attention from the oncology community has caused a stir about Exon 20 Insertion, a mutation for which there are no current single gene tests. Fortunately, this product has a major advantage over competitors, as its detection capabilities include testing for this mutation, saving users the cost and time of more expensive and laborious NGS tests.

Gencurix has now achieved groundbreaking success by gaining the European CE registration for nine cutting-edge digital PCR-based IVD tests, including the second EGFR mutation test! Within the portfolio of tests, you’ll find the KRAS, BRAF, C-MET, PIK3CA, ESR1, and POLE tests, making Gencurix the company with the highest quantity of these tremendous medical advancements!

Gencurix is revolutionizing the field of cancer diagnostics with its world-class Droplet Digital PCR technology and diagnostic products. By leveraging the power of digital PCR, the company’s solutions enable early cancer detection, minimal residual disease (MRD) screening, and even can detect colorectal cancer recurrence and AACR last April. After years of research and development, Gencurix is proud to offer such groundbreaking products to the healthcare space.

Gencurix is on a mission to revolutionize diagnostics and make it accessible worldwide. To this end, they have supplyed diagnostic kits to leading reputable hospitals such as Samsung Medical Center and Yonsei Severance Hospital in Korea.

Building upon this, Gencurix has established a firm distribution network in Europe, Asia, and other continents. In addition, they have collaborated with Bio-Rad, a world leader in digital PCR instruments, to to promote their products. Not content to stand still, Gencurix is on the hunt for more distributors to extend their reach even further.

About Gencurix:

At Gencurix, we believe in revolutionizing precision medicine. Our commitment to innovation and research has allowed us to develop groundbreaking molecular cancer diagnostics designed to improve patient outcomes. We passionately strive to tackle the unmet needs of cancer diagnosis and treatment, ultimately creating solutions that will make a real difference to people’s lives.

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