GeneDx Grants Redefining Nasdaq Listing Rules – How It Could Impact Investors

GeneDx, an innovator in delivering improved health solutions through genetic and clinical knowledge, today announced that it has granted new employees 23,769 restricted stock units as a welcome bonus to kickstart their employment with the company. The stock units were awarded on August 8, 2023 as part of GeneDx’s 2023 Equity Inducement Plan, and are in compliance with Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(c)(4).

On July 21, 2023, the inducement RSUs awarded will begin vesting, providing your continued service with the Company. On this Vesting Commencement Date, you will receive 25% of the underlying shares and 6.25% on the each of the 12 quarterly anniversaries following.

About GeneDx

GeneDx is revolutionizing healthcare and precision medicine with its industry-leading genetic testing and interpretation services, making diagnosis, treatment and drug discovery easier and more personalized than ever before. With its comprehensive, rare disease data set and cutting-edge genomics and clinical information, GeneDx is the go-to source for personalized and actionable health insights—dramatically improving our understanding of disease, and helps people take control of their health.

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