GERO and FOXO Technologies™ Unite in Joint Venture to Find Out How Artificial Intelligence and Epigenetics Can Bolster Human Longevity

GERO, a notable AI-driven biotechnology company dedicated to extending life expectancy, and FOXO Technologies Inc., a pioneering epigenetic biomarker explorer and marketer, have announced the launch of conversations towards creating a strategic relationship. The alliance between GERO and FOXO will be setting up a customized wellness and longevity predictive platform reliant on one-of-a-kind epigenetic data.

The teamup between GERO and a large biopharma to apply GERO’s machine-learning technology platform to discover potential therapeutic targets for fibrotic diseases using large-scale human data comes after GERO’s recent advancements sparked a flurry of conversation among longevity experts in the scientific world. The news coverage in Popular Mechanics that Humans Can Stop—But Not Fully Reverse—Aging, was especially notable. Let’s see what insights this collaboration brings to the longevity discussion!

What this means for wellness and longevity

This groundbreaking collaboration between FOXO Technology and GERO promises to revolutionize our knowledge of health and longevity based on epigenetic signatures. By leveraging FOXO Technology’s datasets and GERO’s AI-driven aging insights, we can discover new, personalized strategies to delay the onset of chronic disease and ultimately lower mortality rates. Through this combined effort, we can gain a deeper understanding of the utility, reliability, and reversibility of epigenetic patterns and use this to refine risk segmentation of individuals over time.

What this means for longevity biotechnology

FOXO is on a mission to promote longer and healthier lives – through the use of cutting-edge diagnostics, therapeutics, and lifestyle modifications. Its founders were driven by a breakthrough discovery: epigenetic clocks, a measure of biological aging. This innovation was spearheaded by FOXO’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Brian Chen, sparking the emergence of a company that harnesses robust data and strategic partnerships to unlock untold secrets to human health and longevity.

Dr. Peter Fedichev, CEO and co-founder of GERO, envisions a world in which insights from longitudinal epigenetic data can be leveraged to enhance life and health span. He believes that this data holds immense potential and could be a game changer in healthcare.

At FOXO, our goal is to delay, and ideally halt, human aging. Free from the constraints of convention, we have the opportunity to unlock more complex relationships between epigenetics and aging that were previously untouched. Epigenetics is indeed revolutionary, however, this is just the starting point and we are determined to discover the depths of its effects.

GERO is leading the way in anti-aging and drug discovery research – and launching partnerships to make our groundbreaking work a reality. Our work is documented in major publications including Nature Communications (1, 2, 3), Scientific American, Popular Mechanics (5, 6), among many others, and has been the basis of drug discovery collaborations with top biopharmaceutical leaders. In our ongoing quest to revolutionize the industry, we are inviting partners to join us in identifying novel targets and drug discovery opportunities.

About GERO

GERO is a biotechnology company on a mission to revolutionize interventions for aging and age-related diseases. Leveraging the power of physics-based generative models, combined with advanced AI-guided drug design, GERO has acquired a massive dataset of longitudinal, real-world medical records to build a generative model of human health. By understanding the inextricable link between molecular- and organism-level features associated with diseases, GERO can rapidly target and discover drugs directly from human data—ushering in a new era of medical care tailored to each individual.

GERO’s preclinical stage drug candidate has the potential to provide relief from a range of neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, a separate project to develop an anti-aging vaccine could revolutionize the way we treat senescence-associated diseases, with some of the most compelling mice restoration results yet. But that’s not all: GERO’s boldest project yet is a drug aimed at significantly decreasing the rate at which humans age. According to the research published in 7 & 8, this approach could enhance both health span and life span by several orders of magnitude, far surpassing any so-called “natural limits”.

About FOXO Technologies Inc. (“FOXO”)

FOXO Technologies is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare with epigenetics and AI, harnessing the data-driven power of epigenetic biomarkers to promote healthier, longer living societies. This pioneering biotechnology company strives to push the boundaries of what’s possible, providing individuals and organizations alike with real-time insights, empowering them to optimize their own health and longevity outcomes.

Forward-Looking Statements

At FOXO, we look confidently to the future as we strive to develop and commercialize innovative products and services leveraging our AI-driven personalized wellness and longevity recommendation engine. Through our prospective collaboration with GERO, we seek to enhance risk segmentation of individuals based on longitudinal changes in their epigenetic patterns, as well as uncover novel ways to personalize lifestyle-interventions in a bid to delay the onset of chronic diseases and mortality.

Still, future events could differ materially from our expectations, so it’s important to consider the variety of risks and uncertainties that may arise – including a changing regulatory landscape in our highly competitive biotechnology industry, potential inability to form or maintain relationships to advance our goals, and enforceability of our intellectual property. However, we’re confident that staying vigilant and focused on our key objectives will lead to positive, impactful results.

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