Ginkgo Bioworks and DRC Forge Path to New Biosecurity and Improved Public Health in Region

Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) and the Institut National de la Recherche Biomédicale (“INRB”), the national medical research organization of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”), have joined forces to revolutionize biosecurity in the DRC.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”), the two organizations are working together to develop and implement new biosecurity capabilities that will make the DRC a leader in biosecurity.

Ginkgo Bioworks is building the leading horizontal platform for cell programming and biosecurity, and their partnership with the INRB will provide the necessary resources to make this initiative a success.

Ginkgo’s Concentric by Ginkgo biosecurity and public health unit is joining forces with the INRB to equip the DRC’s public health institutions with the biosecurity tools and training they need to protect the region.

This partnership will provide the DRC with the data infrastructure, automation, data analysis, bioinformatics capabilities, and other genomic sequencing technologies that are necessary for a successful biosecurity and bioeconomy platform – one that will benefit the people of the DRC and the entire region.

Concentric is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the INRB, expanding its biosecurity offering to become a leader in international pathogen monitoring. As the global threat of new variants and novel pathogens continues to grow, Concentric’s network of qualified laboratories is providing vital services to schools, airports, and other congregate settings across the US and abroad. With this new partnership, Concentric is taking the necessary steps to build an effective global biosecurity infrastructure, so that the world is prepared for the next pandemic.

Since its establishment in 1984, the INRB has been a cornerstone of biomedical research, disease surveillance and professional growth in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now, INRB and Concentric are joining forces to support quality researchers, build a global biosafety infrastructure, and foster the growth of the scientific community in the DRC. Together, they are committed to furthering the advancement of the nation’s medical knowledge and expertise.

To safeguard global health security, Concentric and the INRB recognize the urgent need for international collaboration and cooperation. Unfortunately, many low-resource areas lack the necessary infrastructure to effectively monitor and respond to biological threats, leaving their populations dangerously exposed to the risk of outbreaks.

To counter this, investing in pathogen monitoring infrastructure, such as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is essential for building systems that can detect and respond to emerging infectious diseases.

Ginkgo Bioworks is proud to announce its partnership with the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) to bolster global biosecurity efforts. This collaboration signals a shared commitment to safeguarding against the spread and evolution of infectious diseases.

With Ginkgo Bioworks’ help, the INRB will develop a comprehensive global weather map of critical infrastructure to ensure the safety of the world. Together, the two organizations are working to create a safer, more secure future.

Pathogen monitoring and data sharing capabilities can revolutionize public health decision-making, empowering government officials, community leaders, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions. This cutting-edge technology can also provide a strong foundation for a sustainable regional bioeconomy in the long-term, allowing for more efficient and effective resource management.

Collaboration is essential for safeguarding public health from emerging pathogens, both in the DRC and globally. We are thrilled to join forces with Concentric to bring innovative technology and an integrated approach to bolster the DRC’s biosafety capabilities. Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Director General of the INRB, stressed the importance of this collaboration.

About Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks is revolutionizing cell programming with their flexible, end-to-end services. From food and agriculture to pharmaceuticals to industrial and specialty chemicals, Ginkgo is making waves across a variety of markets.

But they are also leading the charge in biosecurity with their Concentric by Ginkgo unit. This unit is developing global infrastructure to help governments, communities, and public health professionals prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats. Ginkgo Bioworks is on the cutting-edge of creating a safer future!

About the Institut National de la Recherche Biomédicale of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The National Institute for Biomedical Research (INRB) was established in 1984 and continues to operate under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health, as decreed by Decree No. 13/006 of January 22, 2013. With its longstanding dedication to biomedical research, INRB has become a cornerstone of public health initiatives and has been instrumental in advancing the field.

INRB plays a critical role in advancing public health in the Congo, striving to improve the health of the nation’s citizens through a wide range of activities. These include biomedical analysis and research, disease surveillance, national laboratory system reference services, health control programs and services, training in laboratory techniques, and mentoring of young researchers. INRB is dedicated to providing the highest quality of public health support to the people of the Congo.

INRB is a leading force in the fight against infectious diseases in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its scientific capacity in virology, bacteriology, parasitology, epidemiology, animal health, entomology, biochemistry and hematology, anatomic-pathology, toxicology, human genetics and molecular biology is unparalleled in the region.

INRB also has impressive infrastructure and equipment, which has enabled it to provide critical technical capacities and scientific expertise. Thanks to its dedicated efforts, INRB has successfully helped to contain Ebola and produced diagnostic tests for sleeping sickness. Most notably, the institute has even discovered a new virus responsible for hemorrhagic fever, aptly named the Bakongo virus.

The International Network for Research on Bacterial Pathogens (INRB) is a powerful force in the fight against infectious and parasitic diseases around the world. Through its International Congresses of Infectious and Parasitic Pathology (CIPIP), INRB provides a platform for the exchange of scientific expertise, working in close synergy with the central directorates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other international programs. By leveraging the power of collaboration, INRB is helping to create a healthier, more resilient future.

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