Ginkgo Bioworks Launching Pioneering Biosecurity Partnership with the Government of Panama!

Today Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) and the Government of the Republic of Panama’s Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies have joined forces in a groundbreaking move, signing a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the development and implementation of new biosecurity capabilities specifically designed for Latin America. This strategic move marks an exciting chapter for both organizations as Ginkgo Bioworks pursues its mission to be the leading horizontal platform for cell programming and biosecurity and the Republic of Panama looks to bolster its biosecurity infrastructure.

Ginkgo, through its biosecurity and public health unit, Concentric by Ginkgo, is proud to lend support to the Gorgas Institute as it works to build Panama’s bioeconomy from the ground up. This biosecurity infrastructure will equip the country with the tools it needs to quickly identify and mitigate any current and future pathogens. With this program, Panama will benefit from a secure biosecurity system and Concentric by Ginkgo will be taking its first steps into Latin America’s market.

The Gorgas Institute is collaborating with Concentric to improve their surveillance infrastructure for COVID-19 and other respiratory and enteric pathogens. Concentric’s extensive knowledge in wastewater monitoring, laboratory enablement, and bioinformatics analysis and decision support systems will be instrumental in strengthening the Institute’s current surveillance system. This groundbreaking program will produce invaluable insights and data that will help protect public health.

The ambitious Panama Border & Water Health Surveillance Program aims to promote public health, security and safety at both a national and regional level. A key component of the program includes deploying wastewater surveillance systems in major urban centers like Panama City, in addition to along the Darien National Park border crossing and at Tocumen International Airport (PTY). This represents a significant step forward in safeguarding Panama’s people, land and infrastructure.

Panama is quickly becoming an integral player in Concentric’s global network of data collection, enabling public health and security officials to swiftly and accurately respond to emerging biological threats—such as COVID-19. With the establishment of these monitoring programs, Panama is poised to make an enormous impact on not only its own pandemic preparedness, but also that of the region, allowing it to be a leader in defending against future infectious diseases.

Ginkgo Bioworks is honored to join forces with the Republic of Panama to ensure better health security in Panama City and the Darien region. By upgrading pathogen threat detection, we will be taking a huge step forward in protecting not only the health of Panamanians, but also the wellbeing of the entire Western Hemisphere. We are pleased to contribute to the advancement of international health security and to work towards a safer world.

Panama is teaming up with Concentric to bolster its public health initiatives, with the implementation of state-of-the-art detection and monitoring programs. These programs, which are sure to improve biosecurity and overall public health, are the result of the exciting collaboration between the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies and Concentric. Dr. Juan Miguel Pascale, General Director of Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, expresses his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the importance of these programs.

About Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks is revolutionizing the way industries tackle complex scientific challenges. Their pioneering cell programming platform offers flexible, end-to-end services that are invaluable for food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, industrial, and specialty chemical companies. To ensure the safety of citizens worldwide, they have even launched Concentric by Ginkgo – a biosecurity and public health unit dedicated to preventing, detecting, and responding to potential biological threats. By harnessing cutting-edge bioengineering, Ginkgo Bioworks is helping to build a brighter and more secure future for everyone.

About the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies

The Gorgas Memorial Institute, founded in 1928 in memory of the great Dr. William C. Gorgas, carries on his legacy as Panama’s national reference laboratory and research institute of the Ministry of Health. Devoted to the study of tropical diseases and endemic agents, including leishmaniasis, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya, the Institute has worked tirelessly to control the spread of these illnesses – paving the way for the Panama Canal’s construction. Today, they are committed to research related to HIV surveillance and the study of non-communicable diseases to achieve better health outcomes in Panama.

Forward-Looking Statements of Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership and its biosecurity platform that could have game-changing implications for the future of biosecurity. However, as with all lofty ambitions, there are risks that could impede its success, including volatile price changes due to the competitive and regulated industry Ginkgo operates in, downturns in demand for synthetic biology, unpredictability of the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, and changes to the biosecurity industry due to advancing technology and emerging competition. Therefore, there is no certainty that Ginkgo’s plans and objectives will be realized, and readers are cautioned to not solely rely on any forward-looking statements they make.

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