Groundbreaking Hypertension Trial Launched: George Medicines’ GMRx2 Single-Pill Triple Combination Takes a Promising Step Forward

George Medicines has made a dramatic breakthrough in combatting cardiometabolic disease. After successfully enrolling all their patients in the Phase III, active-controlled trial, the Company is now evaluating the efficacy and safety of their lead candidate, GMRx2, as a potential treatment for hypertension, including first-line therapy.

With this monumental development, George Medicines is offering a path to hope for those suffering from hypertension, offering them a reliable and lasting solution to this debilitating condition.

More than 1,300 patients around the world — including from the US, UK and Australia — have joined an innovative trial to compare GMRx2, a revolutionary single-pill triple combination of telmisartan, amlodipine and indapamide, with dual combinations of those same components. This triple combination is made up of three of the most effective treatments available today, offering more convenience and possibly more effective care.

George Medicines are on a mission to save the lives of millions of people around the world suffering from non-communicable cardiometabolic diseases – the leading cause of death and disability such as hypertension and diabetes.

Through their unique, patent-protected, single-pill, multi-mechanism combinations of best-in-class existing treatments in low and ultra-low doses, George Medicines strive to reduce the impact of these diseases and bring a positive change to patients, families, health systems and economies across the globe.

Hypertension is an alarmingly widespread issue, afflicting over a billion individuals worldwide. Unfortunately, despite the abundance of treatments available, only a fraction of sufferers have been able to bring their blood pressure to a safe level. Even medication, when taken at high dosage, often has only a moderate effect on hypertension, and the majority of patients require two or more medicines to effectively manage their condition.

GMRx2 is an innovative answer, with its patent-protected low and ultra-low doses, to reaching targeted blood pressure control in different patient types. Its synergistic and additive effects in low doses have the potential to be effective in a wide variety of patients and can be used in earlier stages of treatment to avoid the tedious testing and titrating of multiple medications. Taking just one pill a day also increases adherence for improved results.

Dr. Karl Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of George Medicines, lauds the hard work of the team and partners in bringing GMRx2 to fruition in its Phase III stage. He expresses a determined vision of improving blood pressure control for patients across the globe at a faster rate and without the associated tolerance and adherence complexities known with existing solutions.

As they look forward to the data release later this year, George Medicines is proceeding with talks with potential commercial partners for GMRx2 who value its potential and recognize the chance to revolutionize hypertensionreatment methods.

The Company is now taking its GMRx2 Phase III trial to the next level, having recently expanded the placebo-controlled trial to three new regions – the UK, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. With the help of global clinical research organisation George Clinical and Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU) at Imperial College London and RemediumOne in Sri Lanka, this second trial has begun actively recruiting new patients from cities in Europe, Africa, and South Asia. With 250 patients already active in the project, the results of the GMRx2 Phase III could potentially revolutionize the healthcare industry.

About George Medicines

At George Medicines, we strive to make a meaningful impact and extend the lives of millions of those suffering from non-communicable cardiometabolic diseases. To do this, we develop patent-protected, low dose single-pill combinations of existing best-in-class medicines. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the way we treat such diseases.

Combining several active ingredients into a single pill, multi-mechanism combinations have the potential to revolutionize the way we tackle non-communicable diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and other cardiometabolic disorders.

Not only could these treatments improve clinical outcomes and enhance therapy adherence, but they could also help reduce the enourmous burden of premature death and disability that these diseases cause worldwide.

The Company is forging ahead with a robust and diversified product pipeline primed for late-stage development. GMRx2 is currently in Phase III clinical trials and could potentially be used as a first-line treatment for hypertension as well as a preventative for recurring intracerebral haemorrhages, the most severe kind of stroke.

GMRx4, in Phase II, is being tested for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Other medical research programmes around heart failure, coronary heart disease and chronic kidney disease are also being conducted.

George Medicines is a forward-thinking company making waves in the health sector. The venture was formed from The George Institute for Global Health – a leading health research centre focused on chronic health issues.

George Health, Brandon Capital, Bupa, and Federation Asset Management all back the ambitious initiative. Together, this group of impressive investors are revolutionizing research and medical treatments for generations to come.

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