Groundbreaking Scientist in Computational Biology Joins Predictive Oncology’s Scientific Advisory Board

Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Robert F. Murphy, Ph.D. to its Scientific Advisory Board. With his expertise and guidance, the company will be able to take its scientific initiatives and growth strategy to the next level. Dr. Murphy joins other esteemed thought leaders on the board to share their knowledge and advance the field of oncology.

As a leader in machine learning and analytics for biological data, Dr. Murphy has revolutionized the field with his algorithms and models that help us better understand biological systems and relationships. He was the founding head of the Computational Biology Department at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and is the genius behind CORE™, the powerful machine learning technology that powers Predictive Oncology’s PEDAL platform.

Dr. Murphy’s vast scientific knowledge and experience in groundbreaking research is a major asset for Predictive Oncology as the company looks to expand its capabilities in predictive models and discover more effective cancer therapies. His expertise in the field will be invaluable in helping the company achieve its goals and push the boundaries of scientific research. Raymond F. Vennare, Predictive Oncology Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, shared his enthusiasm for the addition, noting that Dr. Murphy’s contributions will be essential in transforming their technology and domain expertise into proprietary data.

Predictive Oncology is revolutionizing the field of oncology drug discovery with its revolutionary PEDAL platform. By combining cutting-edge machine learning with a comprehensive biobank of over 150,000 tumor samples, the platform can significantly increase the success rate of biopharma research and development partners. This groundbreaking technology is transforming the way cancer treatments are discovered.

I am humbled and honored to be part of the mission of advancing cancer therapies that are more effective and successful. Predictive Oncology has the power to bring molecules to medicine with more confidence, through the iterative development of complex predictive models and the generation of data against a diverse patient population. I am committed to making this powerful impact on the cancer research and treatment field.

Dr. Murphy is a highly accomplished figure in the world of Computational Biology, holding the esteemed title of Head of the Computational Biology Department at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also a Professor of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Machine Learning, as well as an Honorary Professor of Biology at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany. Recognized for his exemplary contributions to the field, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. In addition, he was the recipient of an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Senior Research Award and served as President of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry. Dr. Murphy also chaired the Biodata Management and Analysis Study Section of the National Institutes of Health, and was a member of the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council and the National Institutes of Health Council of Councils.

Dr. Murphy is an accomplished scientist and innovator with a long list of achievements to his name. He holds a patent for identifying location biomarkers, has published over 200 research papers, and has served on numerous editorial boards, committees, advisory panels, conference organizations, and committee panels. His expertise and guidance have been invaluable to a number of professional societies. Dr. Murphy is truly a leader in the field of science.

Dr. Murphy is a highly accomplished scientist with an impressive academic background. He earned an A.B. in Biochemistry from Columbia College and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Following his doctoral studies, he was selected as a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, working under the guidance of Dr. Charles Cantor at Columbia University.

About Predictive Oncology

Predictive Oncology is a science-driven company that leads the way in oncology drug discovery. By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and the world’s largest privately held biobank of over 150K tumor samples, Predictive Oncology is able to bring human diversity into the discovery process earlier, allowing molecules to progress into medicines with more confidence. In addition to this, Predictive Oncology also offers tumor models, biologics development, formulation design, a GMP facility, a CLIA laboratory, and deep scientific domain expertise. With Predictive Oncology, biopharma companies can be sure that their drug discovery process is on the cutting edge.

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