Hamilton Company Revolutionizes Dissolved Oxygen Sensing with VisiFerm™ SU: A Game-Changing Upgrade for Single-Use Applications

Hamilton Company, a leading provider of automation technology and analytical sensors, has unveiled the redesigned VisiFerm™ SU RS485-ECS, a solid-state optical dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor designed to ensure supply safety.

This sensor is the latest addition to Hamilton’s lineup of solid-state optical DO sensors known for their robustness, low maintenance requirements, and quick and accurate measurements, setting them apart from polarographic DO sensors that rely on delicate membranes and liquid electrolytes.

The VisiFerm™ SU RS485-ECS sensor delivers the same reliability and measurement stability associated with VisiFerm™ DO sensor technology but is designed in a single-use (SU) format. This feature makes it compatible with other Hamilton SU sensors, allowing for comprehensive and practical Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions for bioreactors in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Monika Alder Novotni, Product Manager at Hamilton Company, emphasized the growing trend in the biopharmaceutical industry toward adaptable manufacturing solutions that offer lower capital costs, quick and reliable delivery, smaller scale, and the ability to be duplicated for localized manufacturing.

Single-use technologies are gaining popularity due to their ability to eliminate non-value-added activities, such as the cleaning of fixed-tank bioreactors and feed lines, along with the associated cleaning validation processes.

Hamilton’s VisiFerm™ SU addresses the need for single-use solutions without compromising accuracy or precision. Unlike polarographic DO sensors, which require complex probe assemblies and are susceptible to contamination and leakage when integrated into single-use processes, Hamilton’s single-use optical DO sensors come in a two-part system.

The single-use cap is directly integrated into the single-use container, ensuring a hermetically sealed and sterile solution that is gamma sterilized. This simplifies installation and reduces the risk of contamination.

Users can then install the reusable sensor with ease, and upgraded electronics ensure reliable performance for years to come. Validation packages are available for all single-use caps, ensuring compliance with biopharma regulatory requirements.

About Hamilton:

Hamilton is a prominent global manufacturer that specializes in providing automated liquid handling workstations, laboratory automation technology, and process analytical sensors to the scientific community. Their product portfolio includes liquid handling platforms, standardized application-based solutions, small devices, process sensors, consumables, and OEM liquid handling solutions.

Hamilton is recognized for its contributions to advancing various industries, including life sciences, clinical diagnostics, forensics, biotechnology, and biopharmaceuticals. Their products are known for their reliability, performance, and flexibility, making them valuable tools for researchers and professionals in these fields.

Hamilton places a strong emphasis on innovative design and utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Reno, Nevada, and Bonaduz, Switzerland, to ensure product quality. They have earned a global ISO 9001 certification, reflecting their commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.

As a privately held company, Hamilton operates from its headquarters in Reno, Nevada, as well as locations in Franklin, Massachusetts, and Bonaduz, Switzerland. They also have subsidiary offices worldwide to serve their global customer base.

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