Harmony Ventures Sets Sights on Rare Disease Breakthrough: Exploring $200M Zynerba Acquisition

Harmony Biosciences Makes Bold Move, Aims to Transform Portfolio: Enters Acquisition Talks with Zynerba Pharmaceuticals for Expansion into Rare Neuropsychiatric Disorders

In a Strategic Move, Harmony Biosciences Set to Acquire Zynerba Pharmaceuticals for $60 Million: Breakthrough Deal Includes Potential Additional Payments of Up to $140 Million Linked to Clinical Milestones and FDA Approval

Anticipated Partnership: Harmony Biosciences and Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Aim to Finalize $200 Million Deal by Q4 2023, Pending Fulfillment of Closing Criteria.

In a Strategic Move, Harmony Biosciences Sets Its Sights on Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Aligning with Their Vision to Forge a Robust Array of Innovative Solutions, Stated CEO Jeffrey Dayno.

Unlocking a Promising Future, Harmony’s Acquisition of Zynerba Opens Doors to Zygel, an Anticipated Game-Changer in Easing Fragile X Syndrome and Other Rare Neuropsychiatric Conditions, Reveals CEO Jeffrey Dayno.

Breaking New Ground: Zygel Emerges as a Trailblazing Solution. Unveiling the First-Ever Pharma-Designed Synthetic Cannabidiol in Gel Form, Zygel’s Revolutionary Transdermal Delivery Holds Promise for Treating Various Ailments. Without the High, THC-Free Cannabinoid Therapy Aims for Approval as a Non-Scheduled Marvel.

Charting Uncharted Territory: Zynerba Breaks Barriers with Phase III RECONNECT Trial. Zygel’s Potential Unveiled in Fragile X Syndrome Battle, Addressing a Void for 80,000 Affected in the U.S. Struggling with Intellectual and Behavioral Challenges. A Quest for Relief, as FDA-Approved Solutions Remain Elusive.

Unlocking Hope: Cannabidiol’s Promise Embodied in Zygel. A Beacon of Progress, Zygel Earns Orphan Drug Designation, Illuminating a Path for Fragile X Syndrome Patients. Accelerated Journey: Regulator’s Fast Track Designation Paves the Way for Zygel’s Potential to Tackle Behavioral Symptoms. A Glimpse of Triumph: Positive Efficacy Signals Emerge from Phase II Trial for 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, Shining Light on an Unmet Need.

Zygel’s Journey to Harmony: A New Chapter in Medical Innovation. United Front: Zygel to Join Forces with Pitolisant, Harmony’s Powerhouse Asset. From Dreams to Reality: Pitolisant’s Triumph in Narcolepsy Paves the Way for Zygel’s Arrival. A Spectrum of Promise: Harmony’s Portfolio Expands to Embrace Idiopathic Hypersomnia, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Myotonic Dystrophy.

March 2023: Stormy Skies for the Drug World. A Twist in the Tale: Scorpion Capital Challenges Pitolisant’s Approval. Unveiling the Drama: Short-Seller Sparks Controversy with Citizen Petition Against Pitolisant, Citing ‘Alarming Toxicity’.

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