Herbert Boyer Joins GATC Health’s Board of Advisors: A Giant Leap for Biotech Industry Pioneering Genetecist.

GATC Health Corp, a technology company revolutionizing drug discovery and disease prediction with AI, is proud to welcome Herbert Boyer – the globally renowned biotechnology and genetic engineering pioneer – to its board of advisors. Mr. Boyer is credited with kickstarting the modern biotech industry when he and Robert Swanson, a venture capitalist, pooled their $500 to found Genentech in 1976. This history-defining venture resulted in Genentech becoming the first biotech company to go public in 1980 and today the company has grown to over 15,000 employees.

Mr. Boyer is thrilled to join the team at GATC, having had the opportunity to evaluate the cutting-edge capabilities of many new biotechnology companies. He is confident that their platform is the future of discovering new therapeutics that will revolutionize the way diseases are treated. His rigorous selection process ensures that only the most promising companies get his endorsement.

Robert Swanson and Herbert Boyer co-founded Genentech in 1976 with a revolutionary mission: to genetically engineer bacteria for the mass production of human proteins. Thanks to Mr. Boyer’s leadership, the company achieved success in commercializing these proteins for life-saving therapies, such as insulin and growth hormones. Now, as an advisor to GATC technology leadership, Mr. Boyer is set to continue his legacy of innovation by guiding the company’s strategic vision and its execution in the rapidly changing marketplace.

We are truly humbled and privileged to welcome the esteemed Mr. Boyer to our advisory board at GATC! His ground-breaking work at Genentech and as a professor and researcher was a massive leap forward in the utilization of advanced technologies to improve healthcare. It is an honor for us to be able to share our accomplishments and progress in this field with such a pioneering figure. We are delighted to have Mr. Boyer join us as we continue to strive for excellence in the healthcare technology industry.

Mr. Boyer’s impressive career has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, such as the Albert Lasker Award for Medical Research (1980), Industrial Research Institute Achievement Award (1982), National Medal of Technology (1989), National Medal of Science (1980), Helmut Horten Research Award (2000), CSHL Double Helix Medal (2000), Biotechnology Heritage Award with Robert A. Swanson (2004), Albany Medical Center Prize with Stanley N. Cohen (2004), Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine (2005), Winthrop-Sears Medal (2007), and Perkin Medal (2009). Truly, Mr. Boyer is a trailblazer in the field of medical research.

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GATC Health Corp is revolutionizing healthcare with its ground-breaking AI platform, Multiomics Advanced Technology™ (MAT). MAT enables rapid, accurate and efficient prediction of diseases and discovery of new therapies, providing an unprecedented level of precision in medical science. At GATC, we believe that the future of medicine is now, where health is protected, disease is reversed and every individual’s biology can be treated with exactitude.

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