IceCure Unveils Revolutionary Cryogenic Pump for Next-Gen Cryoablation Systems, Receives Patent Allowance in Japan

Cryoablation technology is at the forefront of innovation, and we are proud to be a global leader in this field. Our success is evidenced by the 29 patents we have been issued and allowed, which demonstrate our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Cryogenic pumps are revolutionizing the medical world, allowing for extended and multiple procedures without having to constantly refill liquid nitrogen. This exciting new technology is opening up a world of possibilities, expanding clinical indications and possibilities in the medical field.

IceCure Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ICCM) (TASE: ICCM) has just been granted a Notice of Allowance by the Japan Patent Office for its ProSense® System, a revolutionary minimally-invasive cryoablation technology. The patent, which will remain in effect until 2041, allows IceCure to continue to provide its advanced technology to the European Union and other major markets, such as the U.S.

IceCure Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ICCM) (TASE: ICCM) is delighted to have recently been granted a Notice of Allowance for its ProSense® System from the Japan Patent Office. This revolutionary cryoablation technology, which will remain in effect until 2041, enables IceCure to continue to provide its advanced technology to the EU and other major markets, including the United States.

IceCure is thrilled to announce that it has been granted a Notice of Allowance from the Japan Patent Office, further solidifying its position as a leading innovator in cryoablation procedures worldwide. This new patent will enable practitioners to carry out longer-term and multiple procedures more quickly and efficiently, as well as open up cryoablation treatment to even more clinical applications in the future. With the addition of the cryogen pump, IceCure’s distribution agreement with Terumo in Japan is now bolstered by this additional IP.

About IceCure Medical Ltd.

IceCure Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ICCM) (TASE: ICCM) has revolutionized cancer treatment by introducing ProSense®, an advanced liquid-nitrogen-based cryoablation therapy that can freeze tumors (benign and cancerous) with minimal invasiveness. This revolutionary technique provides a safe and effective alternative to hospital surgical tumor removal, and can be easily performed in a relatively short procedure. ProSense® is currently available worldwide, with FDA and CE Mark approval for the indications cleared to-date.

Forward-Looking Statements

IceCure is excited to announce the launch of its cryogenic pump, which enables multiple and longer duration procedures without the need to refill liquid nitrogen, potentially expanding its clinical indications. Cryoablation is a powerful and beneficial treatment for breast cancer, and the additional intellectual property assets in Japan supporting the Company’s distribution agreement with Terumo further strengthens IceCure’s position in the market. While these statements represent IceCure’s current expectations, they are subject to various risks and uncertainties. Our Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2021, filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 1, 2022, outlines the Risk Factors associated with these forward-looking statements. The Company strives to ensure that these forward-looking statements are accurate and up-to-date, and we will continue to monitor and update them as necessary.

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