Innovative Partnership Between Invitae and Deerfield Management to Develop Novel Treatments for Rare Diseases

Invitae (NYSE: NVTA), a leading medical genetics company, is joining forces with Deerfield Management Company, an experienced healthcare investment firm, to revolutionize drug discovery and development in rare diseases.

The partnership will leverage Invitae’s extensive patient data and Deerfield’s extensive drug discovery and development know-how to create more targeted treatments for rare diseases. By combining the power of genetics and clinical data from millions of patients, this partnership has the potential to transform the way rare diseases are treated.

At Invitae, we strive to expand access to genetic information in order to improve healthcare for patients everywhere. By joining forces with this strategic partner, we are now able to provide support to millions of families who are affected by rare diseases with high unmet needs.

Our genetic and clinical data platform is full of valuable insights that can help us gain a better understanding of the natural history and genetic basis of these diseases, ultimately leading to higher success rates in clinical programs.

In a joint effort to unlock treatments for rare diseases, Invitae and Deerfield Management are joining forces. Invitae brings unique data and analytics capabilities that can be used to analyze the genetic effects of rare and many other diseases, while Deerfield brings extensive experience in rare diseases and drug discovery. Together, the two companies have the potential to uncover valuable patient insights and create treatments for conditions that have previously been untreatable.

Precision medicine presents a unique opportunity to make breakthroughs in the treatment of rare diseases, but to do so, scientists need access to comprehensive, patient-focused genetic and clinical data. Unfortunately, collecting and curating this data is an immense challenge for rare disease researchers.

While large-scale genetic biobanks have been incredibly helpful in driving research, they often don’t have the granularity needed to understand the full scope of rare diseases. To make meaningful advances in the field, rare disease researchers need to be able to access data from diverse patient populations with a range of symptoms.

Invitae and Deerfield are joining forces to tackle the research gaps in rare diseases. By combining the insights from Invitae’s data platform – which includes data from over 3.6 million genetic tests, linked to longitudinal clinical data – with Deerfield’s analytics expertise, they are well-positioned to uncover the vital insights needed to discover and validate new rare disease targets. All data shared is strictly in accordance with patients’ preferences.

Invitae is proud to partner with Deerfield, as together we strive to improve the efficiency and success rate of biopharma discovery and development programs. Our unique datasets and analytics capabilities are key to creating value and discovering new precision therapies. We are excited to collaborate with Deerfield, and to have the opportunity to work together to deliver new medicines to those in need.

About Invitae

Invitae (NYSE: NVTA) is revolutionizing healthcare with the power of personalized genetic insights. Through a commitment to digital technology and rigorous data and research, they provide millions of patients and their providers with timely, accurate, and actionable genetic information that could improve and extend lives. With the mission of bringing comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine, Invitae is transforming the way we approach healthcare for billions of people.

About Deerfield Management

At Deerfield, we believe that the healthcare system can be improved through the power of investment, information, and philanthropy. We strive to be a leader in the healthcare ecosystem, connecting people, capital, ideas, and technology in an innovative and collaborative manner. We are committed to making a difference in healthcare and creating a brighter future.

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