Inteleos Launches Point of Care Ultrasound Certification Academy with Jasmine Rockett at the Helm

Inteleos, a leading non-profit global healthcare certification organization, is pleased to announce the newest addition to their team – Jasmine Rockett. In her new role as Director of the organization’s Point of Care Ultrasound Certification Academy (PCA), Ms. Rockett brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to further Inteleos’ mission of providing quality certification programs that set the industry standard for professional growth and career development.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Rockett has been trailblazing at Inteleos, partnering with PCA and executing product development and philanthropic endeavors. Now, she proudly takes on the role of Director, forging relationships, collaborating with healthcare stakeholders, and seeking inventive ways to certify the conscientious use of POCUS. Moreover, Dr. Rockett’s team will help medical institutions, residential programs, associations, and hospital systems comply with the most advanced international standards concerning point-of-care ultrasound.

Rocket is looking forward to her new role, and is eager to use point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to ensure quality patient care around the world. With her help, the council can further its mission to provide the best care possible.

I am excited to embark on a new journey with the PCA and to explore how the PCA and the POCUS community can better equip clinicians with the tools they need to ensure high-quality patient care. I strongly believe that point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has the potential to create greater health equity when used correctly, and I am eager to see how the PCA can leverage POCUS to its fullest potential.

We’re proud to announce that Jasmine Jones has been promoted to become the new Director of the Professional Certification Alliance (PCA) at Inteleos. With her deep understanding of our certificants needs from community, education and resources, we could not think of anyone better to lead us into the future. Jasmine has been nothing short of diligent in developing world-class certifications and education programs to help us meet our global goals. It is a privilege to have her on our team!

Rockett joins Inteleos with an impressive resume, boasting 21 years of experience in the healthcare education space and holding a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, as well as several professional certifications. She will be reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer Jamie Blietz and is sure to be an incredible asset to the team.

About Inteleos

Inteleos is an inspiring non-profit certification organization with a mission to ensure exceptional standards in healthcare and patient safety. Our commitment to excellence is carried out through vigorous assessments that foster a global community of certified medical professionals, with over 123,000 members from around the world.

Inteleos also oversees the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®), the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement™ (APCA™), and the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy™. In addition, the Inteleos Foundation focuses its efforts on philanthropic causes.

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