iNtRON Completes Tech Transfer for Revolutionary SAL200 Technology

iNtRON Biotechnology is delighted to announce that their Tech Transfer process for SAL200, a revolutionary endolysin-based biologic, is entering its final stage! This out-licensing and commercialization of SAL200 will include contract transfers of external studies, allowing for its successful implementation and worldwide distribution. With this move, iNtRON is paving the way for a future of revolutionary biologics.

The Company has worked hard to complete the Tech Transfer process, taking over the studies of external institutions that the previous partner had been conducting, as well as transferring a massive volume of data over the past three months. To ensure the clinical studies of SAL200 continue, the Company has renewed its contracts with the external institutions. Now, the transfer process is complete and the Company is ready to move forward.

The Tech Transfer process has been successful, with most materials, including the US FDA approved SAL200 IND related documents, secured – bar a few from the CRO. The subsequent studies are progressing as planned.

The clinical trial of SAL200 is being managed by US clinical experts, with follow-up studies conducted through external institutions in accordance with the transferred rights. These studies will help ensure the trial is conducted as planned.

The Company is committed to ensuring the successful out-licensing of SAL200, and has consequently focused on transferring related documents and studies from external institutions. With this process now nearly complete, the Company will soon be able to devote more of its attention to the out-licensing of SAL200, which will be supported by the data generated from follow-up studies.

Dr. KANG, Sang Hyeon, CTO of iNtRON, expressed his confidence in the strategy and clinical trial plan for SAL200, having been developed in consultation with clinical experts. He vowed to make every effort to secure the rights to external studies that will support the plan and to ensure that these efforts will ultimately lead to a successful out-licensing of SAL200.


Introducing SAL200, a revolutionary new anti-staphylococcal drug formulated for injection! Derived from a staphylococcus-specific bacteriophage, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of SAL200 is the recombinant phage endolysin SAL-1. Clinical studies have proven SAL200 to be highly effective in treating MSSA, MRSA, and other so-called superbugs. Following the completion of its phase 1a, 1b MAD and 2a studies in Korea, the US Phase 2 study has now been approved by the FDA, paving the way for a global development.

About iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.

iNtRON is a trailblazing bio-new drug developing venture company, pioneering in bacteriophage-based technology for human health. After launching our IPO in KOSDAQ, we have accelerated our R&BD investments and set our sights on innovating BIO New Drugs. Our mission is to develop and research into ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutics’ market, and we are proud to have achieved several ‘First-in-Class” and “First-in-Concept’ bio-drugs. We are committed to pushing forward the boundaries of innovation in the field of infectious diseases and ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutics’ to improve people‚Äôs lives.

About iNtODEWORLD, Inc.

In 2017, iNtRON made a bold move to expand its reach across the globe by establishing its wholly-owned US subsidiary, iNtODEWORLD, Inc. Located in Boston, this dynamic office is the hub for news, updates and platform developments of iNtRON to its potential partners and collaborators around the world. Not to mention, there is also an in-house R&D team working diligently in the US.

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