IONIQ Sciences Set to Revolutionize Biotech at Upcoming Trade Show

IONIQ Sciences, Inc., formerly known as ProLung, Inc., is excited to announce its attendance at Biotech Showcase™, the globally renowned investor conference for innovators. CEO Jared Bauer will be presenting IONIQ’s cutting-edge technologies and solutions on January 9th, 2023 at 4:15pm PT. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about IONIQ’s revolutionary advancements in the biotech industry.

Jared Bauer, CEO of IONIQ Sciences, recently declared, “We are on a mission to revolutionize early cancer detection. Our technology outperforms today’s standard of care in imaging and liquid biopsies, reducing false positives by up to 86% in lung cancer and offering a viable solution to dense breast tissue. We envision Multi-Cancer Screening to become an integral part of your annual wellness check-up – all in just 20 minutes with no needles, no radiation and no surgery!”

We are thrilled to have IONIQ Sciences present their groundbreaking cancer detection platform at this year’s Biotech Showcase. This important event is where the brightest minds in the life sciences community come to discuss the most innovative and influential forces in the industry. We look forward to having IONIQ Sciences join us and share their cutting-edge work with the world.

About IONIQ Sciences, Inc.

IONIQ Sciences is revolutionizing how cancer is detected and treated with its advanced multi-cancer screening technology. By combining its Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) or bioimpedance technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the IONIQ ProLung Test™ has the potential to detect cancer earlier, improve survivability and reduce healthcare costs. The U.S. FDA has recognized its breakthrough potential and designated it a Breakthrough Device.

About Biotech Showcase

Biotech Showcase is the premier event for healthcare investors and industry stakeholders to come together and explore the exciting opportunities in the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. With over 350 presentations from mid-, small- and micro-cap companies, it’s the perfect place to discover the next big thing! Qualified investors and analysts can register for free to take part in this invaluable event. Don’t miss out – join us at Biotech Showcase and find the investment opportunity of a lifetime!

About BioHive

IONIQ Sciences is thrilled to be a part of BioHive, the rapidly growing life science and healthcare innovation community that values diversity and collaboration. With its groundbreaking initiatives, BioHive is transforming the lives of millions of patients for the better. We are proud to be a key supporter and member of this powerful collective.

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