ITM Unveils World Record-Setting Facility for Targeted Cancer Therapies Utilizing Lutetium-177

ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE unveiled their new state-of-the-art therapeutic radionuclide production facility in Neufahrn near Munich, Germany. At the ribbon cutting ceremony attended by Minister of State, Dr. Florian Herrmann and other distinguished guests, ITM affirmed its leadership in producing lutetium-177, an essential medical isotope used in precision cancer therapies. With its power to selectively target tumors, the lutetium-177 isotope is ushering in a new era of cancer treatments, setting the standard for more sophisticated and personalized care for patients internationally.

Once the NOVA production facility is up and running, ITM will have the capacity to meet the multiplying demand for radiopharmaceuticals used in patient care around the world. With ten times the capacity compared to its current status, ITM will be able to provide the essential pharmaceuticals and its own drug pipeline to clinics and pharmaceutical partners all over the globe.

In a major milestone for cancer treatment research, the world’s largest lutetium-177 production facility for targeted radionuclide therapies has recently opened in Neufahrn near Freising, Bavaria. ITM, the driving force behind this project, is leading the way in advancing Radiopharmaceutical research and development.

Minister of State for Federal Affairs and Media Dr. Florian Herrmann, recognizes the pioneering efforts demonstrated by companies like ITM, as well as the roles they play in securing the biotechnology sector in Bavaria and throughout Europe.

The Free State of Bavaria has provided continuous support for ITM and its important projects, which has led to this remarkable production facility. To ensure that Bavaria and Germany remain at the fore of nuclear medicine, the Bavarian Research Foundation will continue to support this much-needed research and the development of innovative cancer drugs.

ITM is proud to offer an important new contribution to medical research and drug supply across the world with its additional production site, aimed at unlocking the potential of radiopharmaceuticals as highly effective anti-cancer drugs. Equipped with leading-edge manufacturing capabilities and an expertly knowledgeable team, ITM is uniquely positioned to tackle this essential responsibility and provide the highest safety and quality standards for patients with cancer – all made in vibrant Germany. Udo J. Vetter, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ITM and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Vetter Pharma, looks forward to how this to how this contribution will improve therapy outcomes and quality of life for many.

ITM is solidifying its global leadership in the radiopharmaceutical industry with the expansion of its production capacities. Working together towards the common goal of developing and providing innovative diagnostics and therapeutics to treat cancer patients, ITM is set to be the world’s largest manufacturer of n.c.a. lutetium-177 and the one responsible for driving the growth of the industry. Thanks to its advantageous location as well as its experienced team and logistics network, ITM is now able to deliver its high-quality radioisotopes in record time to any corner of the world.

The development and production of medical radioisotopes by ITM was enabled, in part, by years of collaboration with the Garching Research Reactor (FRM II) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

ITM will operate the new production site at NOVA Neufahrn industrial park in addition to its existing manufacturing facility IAZ at the main site in Garching near Munich. All technical authorization processes required for commissioning as well as official approvals have been initiated or are scheduled. The first test runs of the facility are planned to begin within the next few months, with final official approvals expected in the coming year.

The new 7,000 m2 production site at Munich Airport is revolutionizing the industry with its 4.0 technical level, automated production process and internal logistics. With its world-class clean rooms, laboratories, and offices, this state-of-the-art facility is able to provide a rapid dispatch of therapeutic isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals directly to customers, with up to 200 employees working on research, radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and aseptic production. This new production site is sure to take the radiopharmaceutical world to the next level with its strict adherence to the highest quality standards.

About Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy is revolutionizing cancer treatment, offering an incredibly safe and effective way to diagnose and treat solid tumor indications. Through the use of very small amounts of radioactive compounds injected directly into the affected organ or tumor, surrounding healthy tissue is almost completely spared.

By detecting even the smallest tissue changes, such as tumor metastases, this highly specific therapy is already being used to treat neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and certain metastatic prostate cancers. By providing doctors with the ability to accurately and efficiently target malignant areas, Targeted Radionuclide Therapy is a powerful tool for treating a variety of cancers.

ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE

At ITM, we are committed to revolutionizing radiomolecular precision therapeutics and diagnostics for difficult-to-treat tumors. Our goal is to address the needs of cancer patients, clinicians, and our partners through the development of superior treatments and diagnostics. We drive our mission forward with compassionate care, as the heart of our vision for improved patient benefit lies at the core of our operations.

Our success stems from the almost two decades of radiopharma expertise, our positioning at the heart of the industry, and our extensive global network. As a result of this commitment, ITM maintains an impressive oncology pipeline, including two phase III studies, combining groundbreaking radioisotopes with numerous targeting molecules. With this focus in mind, we are confident that our solutions have the potential to revolutionize outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients.

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