Leading Tech Entrepreneur Joins Pluri’s Board of Directors

Pluri Inc.(Nasdaq: PLUR) (TASE: PLUR) today announced the much-anticipated appointment of Lorne Abony to its Board of Directors. The innovative biotech giant seeks to use cell transformation technology to launch sustainable solutions that will benefit the greater public. Abony’s extensive experience in technology and strategy make him an invaluable addition to the team, as Pluri continues to pave the way for a healthier future.

Abony is a true trailblazer in business, possessing decades of experience scaling multi-billion-dollar public and private companies in various industries. His far-reaching investments span more than 20 cellular agriculture and cultivated food companies, making him a widely respected leader.

Excitingly, Abony is now lending his expertise to Pluri’s board, utilising the Company’s cell-expansion technology platform to drive growth in the cultivated food and cellular agriculture space. With Abony’s guidance, Pluri’s strategic ambitions are sure to be realised.

Lorne has made a lasting and far-reaching mark on the world of business, from companies to industries, and from one end of the globe to the other. His prowess in navigating both the public and private sectors and his unparalleled ability to motivate people are some of the many reasons why he stands out as a leader in the cultivated food space. Through his innovative vision and progressive approach, Lorne has certainly left an indelible impact.

We are thrilled to welcome Lorne to Pluri’s Board and are certain his expertise and visionary approach will contribute significantly to our ambitious plans for expansion. With Lorne’s experience and guidance, we know our efforts to reach our growth goals will be taken to the next level. As Chairman of the Board, Zami Aberman is eager to guide us along this journey of progress.

“The intersection of cultivated food and cellular agriculture is the future of food production, and brings exciting market opportunities for paving the way in this field. I’m delighted to join the board of Pluri, a pioneer in biotech that is well-positioned to unlock the potential of its cell expansion technologies by delivering more sustainable and healthier outcomes for the planet. Pluri is set to become an industry leader in this space, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this journey!”

Mr. Abony is a world-renowned entrepreneur who has achieved extraordinary success in founding, leading, and scaling multiple venture companies. After founding Mood Media Corporation and guiding it from pre-revenue startup to the world’s largest in-store media company, he was honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011.

To date, Mr. Abony has raised a grand total of $1.7 billion in both public and private debt and equity markets. Along with being featured on the popular network television series, “Undercover Boss,” he now serves as board member and chair for multiple technology-focused companies, including VitroLabs Inc., AmyInsights, and Einride A.B.

About Pluri Inc.

Pluri is at the vanguard of a biotechnological revolution, leading the development of cell-based solutions to address global challenges, such as medicine, food scarcity, climate change, and animal welfare. With a cutting-edge, patented and validated 3D cell expansion system, Pluri is able to produce cost-efficient, scientifically accurate, and consistent batches of cells for commercial use.

With superior technological capabilities, Pluri looks to partner with various industries in order to push the boundaries of science and engineering to create innovative, cell-based products that promote sustainability and wellbeing.

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