LegoChemBio Secures Rights to Unlock Potential of Antibody From Elthera

LegoChem Biosciences Inc. (KOSDAQ:141080) has just announced an exciting new license agreement with Elthera AG, a Swiss biotechnology company. This agreement will enable LegoChemBio to develop and market a groundbreaking new antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) therapy, leveraging a revolutionary monoclonal antibody developed by Elthera. This ADC therapy could be a major breakthrough in the treatment of certain diseases.

LegoChemBio is excited to announce a new licensing agreement for a monoclonal antibody targeting a variety of solid tumors, such as pancreatic, ovarian, breast, lung, and colorectal cancer. LegoChemBio will be responsible for the development and commercialization of any products incorporating this powerful antibody, paving the way for a brighter future of cancer treatments.

Elthera is set to receive an initial payment and could be eligible for significant progress-dependent development and regulatory milestone payments, along with cumulative commercial milestone payments and royalties on net product sales. With the potential to benefit from these rewards, this is an exciting opportunity for Elthera.

Elthera is thrilled to announce a license agreement with LegoChemBio, a global leader in ADC technology, in order to leverage the exceptional quality and therapeutic potential of our antibody. The combination of Elthera’s antibody with LegoChemBio’s ConjuAll technology creates a pioneering first-in class ADC with a wide therapeutic window, allowing clinicians to provide new treatment options for a variety of solid tumors. Anne Schmidt, CEO of Elthera, has expressed her excitement to be joining forces with LegoChemBio, stating that the successful collaboration is a testament to the potential of their antibody.

LegoChemBio is excited to join forces with Elthera to further expand its ADC platform and bring an innovative ADC drug into the clinic, marking the company’s fifth ADC. Dr. Yong-Zu Kim, CEO of LegoChemBio, expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement and the opportunities it presents for the company.

About LegoChem Biosciences

LegoChem Biosciences (LCB, KOSDAQ: 141080) is an innovative biopharmaceutical company that is revolutionizing the way novel therapeutics are developed. Utilizing its proprietary LegoChemistry and ConjuAllâ„¢ ADC platform technologies, LCB is dedicated to creating the next generation of treatments for cancer, antibiotics and anti-fibrotic. Founded in 2006, LCB strives to develop Antibody-Drug-Conjugates (ADCs) with greater efficacy and safety than ever before.

About Elthera

Elthera AG, a biotechnology leader based in Switzerland, is pioneering a personalized health care approach by developing groundbreaking antibodies for diagnosing and treating cancer patients. Thanks to generous support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, Innosuisse-Swiss Innovation Agency and the European Union’s Eurostars project E!114014, Elthera is now one step closer to revolutionising cancer care.

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