LEX Diagnostics Adopts Innovative Leadership with Appointment of Chief Technology Officer

LEX Diagnostics is proud to welcome Dr Heather Danks to its management team as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). LEX is an innovative leader in point-of-care molecular diagnostics that makes it possible to rapidly detect a wide array of common infectious diseases, including influenza and COVID-19, in only 5 minutes. Its ground-breaking technology promises to revolutionise the industry, offering increased speed, sensitivity and cost efficiency.

I am delighted to step into the role of CTO at LEX Diagnostics, and leverage my experience as VP Molecular Development at the company to support the team and take the LEX platform to the next level.

We have the cutting-edge technology and reagents to revolutionize PCR diagnostics at the point of care. I am looking forward to leveraging the full potential of this powerful platform and creating a strategic roadmap that will make a real difference in healthcare.

I am pleased to announce Heather as the CTO of LEX Diagnostics who will be spearheading the development of the LEX system and the future developmental strategy for the LEX platform. Heather’s expertise in the field will be invaluable, as we look to move forward with the clinical development of our thermal cycling technology and proprietary inhibitor tolerant reagent for ‘flu and COVID-19. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to bringing this unique and innovative healthcare solution to the market.

Heather Danks is a dynamic and experienced molecular biologist with a PhD in Genetics and Cellular Biology from Newcastle University, UK. With over 10 years of experience in assay and device development from concept to launch, she has implemented her expertise in advanced sample preparation for infectious disease targets at QuantuMDx.

Heather recently joined LEX in 2020, where she is Head of Assay Development and is focused on building a point of care diagnostics platform. Beyond QuantuMDx, she is highly collaborative and has worked extensively with the industry, academia and the NHS.

About LEX Diagnostics

At FLEX Diagnostics, our mission is to revolutionize patient care through the development of an innovative 5-minute multiplex PCR test that can provide clinicians with timely and invaluable clinical insights.

As a privately held UK molecular diagnostics company, we strive to continually improve the way we care for patients in order to exceed expectations and ensure they receive the best possible care.

Revolutionizing diagnostics, our innovative thermocycling technology equips you with accurate PCR results at a fraction of the time and cost of existing devices. The speed and ease of use makes it the perfect companion for primary care workflows, bringing the powerful sensitivity of PCR to urgent care centres, physician’s office labs and pharmacies.

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