Mablink Bioscience Bolsters Leadership Team with Appointment of Pejvack Motlagh, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer

Mablink Bioscience, a groundbreaking biotechnology company committed to enhancing the treatment of cancer using next-generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), is proud to welcome Dr. Pejvack Motlagh, M.D., to its Executive Management Team as its new Chief Medical Officer. Reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer Jean-Guillaume Lafay, Dr. Motlagh is poised to make a major impactful contribution to the future of cancer treatment.

Bringing to Mablink over a dozen years of knowledge in oncology and drug development, Dr. Pejvack has been appointed as Chief Medical Officer. As the head of the Company’s clinical pipeline, he will be leading the charge to push MBK-103 towards First-in-Human studies in 2024. He will be responsible for clinical strategy, clinical operations, patient safety and medical affairs. With such expertise in hand, Mablink looks forward to exciting progress in advancing cancer treatments.

Dr. Motlagh is an experienced oncologist with extensive experience leading pre-launch and clinical development efforts in Immuno-Oncology. He served as Head of Immuno-Oncology at Boehringer Ingelhaim, overseeing more than 20 IO assets across various modalities, before joining Mablink.

Prior to that, Dr. Motlagh held global positions of increasing responsibilities at GSK, Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca, where he was instrumental in transitioning several compounds towards late clinical development phases. His commitment to advancing the field of immunotherapy is evident in both his career and at Mablink.

Mablink is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Pejvack Motlagh as its Chief Medical Officer. With a wealth of experience in the immuno-oncology and large molecule sectors, Dr. Motlagh can draw upon his long-standing knowledge to push Mablink’s innovative pipeline of therapies into its next phase of progress. As MBK-103 reaches the end of its preclinical stages, Dr. Motlagh’s appointment is a landmark step for Mablink’s clinical ambitions, to which CEO Jean-Guillaume Lafay heartily welcomes.

I am thrilled to have joined the inspiring team at Mablink and witness firsthand their incredible ADC platform. This platform has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment options for patients who have limited options. It’s an exciting time to join Mablink as our aim is to transform promising drug-candidates into life-altering medicines. I look forward to driving the necessary clinical programs to move Mablink’s ambitions closer to a reality and make a real difference for patients.

Dr. Pejvack is an esteemed immunologist and oncologist who is renowned for his Medical expertise. He earned a Medical degree from the University of Paris – Faculty of Medicine Necker Enfants-Malades and two Master’s degree in immunology and molecular biology. His commitment to excellence in medical research has helped him acquire a wealth of knowledge that has proven invaluable in the fight against cancer and other diseases.


Mablink Bioscience is revolutionizing cancer treatment with their groundbreaking antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Their patented PSARLinkTM technology enables the creation of homogeneous, high DAR, plasma-stable ADCs with remarkable pharmacological properties and tolerability. This next-generation approach to treating cancer is poised to be a major breakthrough in the fight against the disease.

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