Macomics’ Bold Expansion: Embracing Roslin Innovation Centre in Edinburgh and Welcoming Professor Paul Crocker to the SAB

Macomics Ltd, a trailblazer in macrophage drug discovery, continues its impressive journey with an expansion into dedicated facilities at the Roslin Innovation Centre in Edinburgh. Simultaneously, the company is delighted to welcome Professor Paul Crocker FRSE, Emeritus Professor of Glycoimmunology at the University of Dundee, to its esteemed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

With operations based in Edinburgh and Cambridge, two prominent life science research hubs in the UK, Macomics maintains a balanced R&D presence across both locations. To accommodate its growth and foster an environment of scientific excellence and entrepreneurship, Macomics has relocated to specialized laboratories within the Roslin Innovation Centre. These state-of-the-art facilities offer cutting-edge technologies and are 50% larger than the company’s original base at Edinburgh University.

“The Roslin Innovation Centre Easter Bush Campus provides a dynamic and vibrant working environment with world-class facilities equipped with the latest technologies,” says Stephen Myatt, CEO of Macomics.

Founded by renowned experts in macrophage biology, the late Prof. Jefferey Pollard and Dr. Luca Cassetta, VP Immunology and co-founder of Macomics, the company is dedicated to harnessing the potential of macrophage-based approaches for developing precision medicines that target disease-specific macrophage biology.

While it is the only human drug discovery company within the incubator, other firms focusing on macrophage biology for animal health provide an opportunity for productive scientific exchange.

Macomics’ ENIGMAC macrophage drug discovery platform integrates extensive human datasets, custom cell models, and proprietary human macrophage genome editing capabilities to unearth novel targets and unlock the specific biology of disease targets.

Macrophages, particularly tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs), are abundant in many types of cancer, and modulating TAMs can boost the body’s ability to combat cancer.

Leveraging local expertise and connections, Professor Paul Crocker FRSE, an esteemed expert in understanding how immune cells utilize host glycans to regulate immune and inflammatory responses and apply this knowledge to human disease, has joined Macomics’ SAB.

Dr. Luca Cassetta, VP Immunology and co-founder of Macomics, expressed his pleasure in welcoming Professor Crocker, highlighting the addition of crucial expertise in glycoimmunology and immune and inflammatory responses as the company advances its macrophage-targeting drug discovery programs.

About Macomics

Macomics Ltd is a pioneering immuno-oncology company that specializes in macrophage biology and is dedicated to the development of precision medicines for treating cancer by modulating macrophages.

The company is advancing a diverse portfolio of therapies aimed at targeting disease-specific tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) and is making significant progress towards clinical trials.

Macomics leverages its ENIGMACTM macrophage drug discovery platform, which enables the identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets related to macrophages based on its profound knowledge of macrophage biology.

Founded in 2020, Macomics is the brainchild of Professor Jeffrey Pollard and Dr. Luca Cassetta, both internationally recognized leaders in macrophage biology from the University of Edinburgh.

The company operates research and development facilities in Edinburgh and Cambridge, UK, and has garnered support from investors such as Epidarex Capital, Scottish Enterprise, LifeLink Ventures, and Caribou Property Limited.

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