Malaysia Joins the Fight Against Cancer with US$1.5 Million Investment in AnPac Bio Detection Equipment

AnPac Bio, a company with operations in the United States and China, has taken a major step in the global cancer detection equipment market with the receipt of its first payment for the Model AP9080 cancer detection device from a Malaysian customer. This marks the Company’s entry into the Southeast Asia region and is a milestone for AnPac Bio, affirming the effectiveness of its patented Cancer Differentiation Analysis (CDA) technology. The US$1.5 million purchase contract cements the Company’s reputation as a capable provider of multi-cancer testing and detection solutions. With this first sale, AnPac Bio is now poised to further expand its reach into the vast global market.

AnPac Bio is thrilled to partner with a Malaysian customer to provide its Model AP9080 cancer detection device, along with maintenance services and consumables and equipment parts. Not only will the Company benefit from the sale of the equipment, but it will also receive ongoing revenue from services, consumables and equipment parts. Moreover, the customer is making plans to set up bio-medical labs, acquire Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) certification, and run paid cancer tests. This is an exciting opportunity for both AnPac Bio and the customer!

AnPac Bio’s revolutionary CDA cancer detection technology is revolutionizing the way cancer is detected. With its ability to accurately detect multiple cancer types at an early stage, its cost-effectiveness, simple implementation, and high sensitivity and specificity, AnPac Bio has been ranked number one in multi-cancer testing sample size in the world by US marketing research firm Frost & Sullivan in 2021. It is a game-changer in the fight against cancer and is giving healthcare providers a new tool to help detect and treat the deadly disease.

Dr. Chris Yu, Co-CEO of the Company, expressed his delight over the major milestone accomplishment, noting that the innovative cancer detection technology has been recognized in Asia as well as China and the US. He explained that this technology is particularly suited for the region due to its multi-cancer detection, cost effectiveness, early detection capability, and high sensitivity and specificity. Dr. Yu believes that there is tremendous revenue and growth potential in the region, and the Company is determined to replicate this success.

About AnPac Bio

AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co., Ltd. is an innovative biotechnology company committed to providing early cancer screening and detection solutions. With 155 issued patents and two certified clinical laboratories in China, as well as one CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory in the United States, AnPac Bio offers a comprehensive suite of cancer screening and detection tests, including CDA (Cancer Differentiation Analysis), bio-chemical, immunological, and genomics tests. To further its mission, AnPac Bio has recently created its wholly-owned subsidiary Fresh2 Technology Inc and acquired Fresh2 Ecommerce Inc, aiming to enter the business-to-business e-commerce food business.

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