Medicus IT Embraces a Bright Future with the Addition of Emily Sorrick as Chief People Officer, Bolstering its Dedication to Inclusive Excellence

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Medicus IT, a pioneering force in healthcare technology solutions, is thrilled to unveil the arrival of Emily Sorrick as the dynamic Chief People Officer. With the addition of Sorrick to its esteemed executive team, Medicus IT reaffirms its resolute dedication to fostering an enriching and all-encompassing work atmosphere.

As Medicus spearheads the evolution of healthcare, we wholeheartedly acknowledge that our greatest treasure lies within our talented workforce,” affirmed Chris Jann, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Medicus.

“We are absolutely delighted to unveil Emily Sorrick as our esteemed Chief People Officer. Her strategic acumen and unwavering dedication to fostering a vibrant and inclusive organizational culture are a harmonious match with our intrinsic values.

Stepping into her role with a reservoir of expertise, Emily Sorrick arrives with an impressive history of reshaping workforce dynamics and advocating for the cause of diversity and inclusion. Her addition to the Medicus team serves as a resounding affirmation of the company’s unyielding dedication to revolutionizing healthcare IT through ingenious offerings like mCare™ Managed Services, the trailblazing Virtual Technology Executive™, and the transformative Service Bank™.

Emily’s journey began at the distinguished University of Alabama, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management, setting the stage for her remarkable trajectory. Her academic prowess seamlessly intertwined with her professional path, leading her to hold pivotal Human Resources (HR) leadership positions at industry giants like the Tennessee Valley Authority and Lowe’s Company.

Marrying her education with a wealth of hands-on experience, Emily emerges as a beacon of knowledge and proficiency, a testament to her unwavering dedication to propelling the realms of business administration and HR leadership to new heights.

“I’ve held a deep-seated belief that a company’s culture is the pulsating heartbeat of its triumphs. My path has provided me with the privilege to witness and weave the dynamic threads of organizational culture. I relish the opportunity to sculpt the very essence of a burgeoning and forward-thinking enterprise.

With empowerment as my guide, collaboration as my compass, and a thirst for constant evolution, I cultivate an ecosystem where every individual’s distinctiveness contributes to our collective radiance. Our combined efforts forge a culture that propels us to new heights, igniting growth and becoming a wellspring of motivation for all,” expressed Emily Sorrick, the Chief People Officer at Medicus.

Beyond catalyzing cultural metamorphosis, Emily finds solace on the golf course and thrills in the game of pickleball. These passions mirror her strategic finesse in both the professional realm and leisure pursuits, where the art of precision and the symphony of collaboration harmonize effortlessly.

About Medicus IT:

At Medicus IT, the mission is clear: empowering healthcare organizations to harness technology’s prowess for enhanced patient care and superior outcomes. Going beyond the ordinary IT landscape, Medicus partners with healthcare clients to orchestrate their IT infrastructure, amplify operational growth, and orchestrate transformative shifts.

Anchored in Atlanta, Georgia, with service hubs spanning from New Jersey to California, Medicus emerges as a premier healthcare IT powerhouse, extending its reach to over 6,000 providers and more than 40,000 users across 2000 locations.

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