MEKanistic Therapeutics Innovative Cancer Treatment Candidate to Receive Funding for Further Development from the National Cancer Institute!

The NExT Program is on a mission to revolutionize clinical practices and treatments for cancer patients. This unique translational research undertaking seeks to develop promising new drug therapies that will ultimately bring life-altering results to those facing this dreadful disease. By supporting the most ambitious of cancer-fighting innovations, the NExT Program is determined to make a difference in the world of cancer care.

MEKanistic have developed a revolutionary new compound, the first of its kind to target the two key pathways responsible for promoting cell growth in cancerous cells. This dual inhibitor has shown remarkable results in early trials, shrinking tumors while causing a minimum of side effects to the test subjects. If proven successful through further testing, this new drug could offer a new and improved solution to those suffering from cancerous growths.

We are delighted that the NExT Program recognized the potential of MTX-531 to meet the unmet medical needs in cancer therapy. We are even more excited to continue our work with the NCI team and the NExT program to confirm the preclinical activity and safety of MTX-531. We are passionate to collaborate with the NExT program to expedite the development of this promising cancer therapy and position it for clinical use.

Through the NCI NExT Program, MEKanistic Therapeutics will join forces with NCI staff and their partners and take a milestone-based approach towards assessing their experimental cancer treatment’s safety and efficacy. Supporting clinical trials, performing IND-enabling studies, and more, all endeavors will bring a potential new cancer therapy closer to the hands of those in need.

About MEKanistic Therapeutics

MEKanistic Therapeutics is revolutionizing cancer treatment with their cutting-edge biotechnology. Their lead candidate is a one-of-a-kind dual inhibitor which has the power to effectively block two crucial pathways responsible for cancer cell growth without the usual side effects of traditional kinase inhibitors. Through extensive research and trials, MEKanistic Therapeutics has been able to demonstrate that this revolutionary dual inhibitor can dramatically reduce tumors with relative safety. Pioneering the forefront of biotechnology, MEKanistic Therapeutics strives to provide cancer sufferers with new hope from their base in Minneapolis, MN.

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