MindBio Therapeutics Joins the CSE: Unlocking Investment Opportunities in Mental Health Solutions

MindBio Therapeutics Corp. (CSE: MBIO) is thrilled to announce that its common shares have officially listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, under the ticker symbol MBIO. This marks a major milestone for the Company, as it continues to expand its reach and opportunities for growth.

The Company is delighted to announce that several world-leading institutional funds, including Negev Capital, Shape Capital, Hardenbrook Group and Advisir Ventures, are now shareholders in its mission to advance psychedelic medicines.

With these new partnerships, the Company is well-positioned to continue developing innovative treatments and expanding its presence in the psychedelic medicine space.

MindBio is set to make history as one of the few public companies across the globe to be conducting Phase 2 human clinical trials on psychedelics. Just last year, the company successfully completed a Phase 1 LSD-Microdosing clinical trial, and is now on the path to launching two separate Phase 2 take-home LSD-Microdosing trials, which are fully funded and ready to start.

With a dedicated team of 18 scientists, MindBio is not only creating a Microdosing treatment protocol for at-home use, but is also developing a targeted treatment, formulation, and digital intervention to scale up these treatments in the primary health system. The possibilities are endless, and MindBio is ready to take the lead on this revolutionary path.

At MindMed, we are revolutionizing the way mental health is treated. Our pioneering approach combines microdosing of psychedelic medicines with our own bespoke treatment protocols to bring a new level of care to those suffering from depression and other mental health conditions. CEO Justin Hanka is confident that this approach has the potential to transform the primary health care system.

We are thrilled to announce a series of strategic updates in the coming months, including the highly anticipated, positive results of our Phase 1 LSD-Microdosing trial and the advancement of our two upcoming Phase 2 trials. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

About MindBio Therapeutics

MindBio is a pioneering biotech/biopharma company focused on developing novel and emerging treatments for mental health conditions. Their groundbreaking research has led to the first-ever take home LSD-Microdosing human clinical trials.

MindBio is at the forefront of psychedelics microdosing, with completed Phase 1 clinical trials and two Phase 2 clinical trials in development microdosing LSD in patients with Major Depressive Disorder and late stage cancer patients experiencing existential distress.

In addition to advancing its drug and technology intervention protocols through clinical trials, MindBio is investing in research to create clinically proven treatments, including digital technologies and interventions, to treat debilitating health conditions such as depression, anxiety and other related mental health issues.

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