Mosaic Therapeutics Secures $28m Series A, Appoints Brian Gladsden as New CEO

Mosaic Therapeutics, Ltd., a pioneering oncology therapeutics company, is pleased to announce the close of its $28 million series A funding round and the appointment of former Novartis Oncology SVP Brian Gladsden as CEO.

The investment was provided by Syncona Investment Management, Ltd and Cambridge Innovation Capital, and will help the company continue its mission to resolve cancer’s complexity and power new treatments for patients.

Mosaic, a rising star in the oncology therapy space, has just secured its Series A funding to progress its targeted biomarker-stratified treatments into preclinical development and IND-enabling studies.

The funding will also help the company build an experienced leadership team and world-class experimental biology and computational departments as it moves towards improving outcomes for cancer patients everywhere.

Mosaic is revolutionizing the traditional approach to target and drug discovery through the use of advanced computational methods. By combining mining of large datasets with experimental approaches, the company is able to identify and develop novel targeted therapies.

What’s more, the company enjoys a unique relationship with the Wellcome Sanger Institute, giving them access to deep scientific expertise, infrastructure, and biological assets. This allows them to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge discovery and development.

Brian Gladsden has joined Mosaic as CEO, bringing with him an impressive 25-year career in biopharmaceuticals. For 5 years he was with Bayer AG and 15 years with Novartis Oncology, where he was a Senior Vice President and a member of the Worldwide Leadership Team.

He has held a variety of leadership positions, such as country CEO, overseeing the development and commercial launch of cancer therapies across the US, Europe, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Mosaic is proud to offer a unique platform that draws from the extensive research of co-founder Dr Mathew Garnett from the Translational Cancer Genomics Laboratory at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Dr Garnett is a renowned Senior Group Leader at Sanger, boasting over two decades of experience in genomics and cancer therapeutics. His impressive accomplishments include the co-discovery of BRAF mutations in cancer and Werner Syndrome helicase as a target in MSI tumours.

Mosaic Therapeutics is primed to tackle the complexity of cancer head-on. With an expert team, a cutting-edge platform, a connection to a renowned genomics research institute, and strong investor partnerships, CEO Brian Gladsden believes that Mosaic is ready to discover and develop targeted therapies to serve areas of high unmet need. He is confident that the company’s capabilities are second to none.

Mosaic is thrilled to have earned the backing of such esteemed investors, a recognition of the immense potential of its technology and the expertise of its multidisciplinary team, along with the invaluable support of the Wellcome Sanger Institute. This funding is a true testament to the innovation and progress that Mosaic has achieved.

Dr Garnett was joined by Professor Emile Voest and Dr Adrian Ibrahim in founding the Company. Professor Voest is an internationally-renowned Medical Oncology expert and is the Chairman of the Board of Cancer Core Europe, Group Leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Oncode Institute, and Independent Director of the Board of Sanofi S.A.

Dr Ibrahim has an impressive track record of over 30 years in the discovery and development of cancer and genomics technologies, and has been a part of several genomics company spin-outs. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Mosaic Therapeutics is pioneering the next generation of treatments for cancer, utilising their advanced platform of large-scale screening in advanced cancer models and cancer big data to identify effective targeted therapies in molecularly-defined patients.

With the backing of high calibre investors, an experienced CEO, and a dedicated scientific team, Mosaic is poised to revolutionise cancer treatment, striving to develop safer and more effective medicines for those in need. Co-founder Dr. Mathew Garnett is confident that Mosaic will be able to realise this ambitious vision.

Syncona Investment Management Limited and Director of Mosaic, Magdalena Jonikas is delighted by the potential of the genomic revolution that is driving targeted drug development. She is thrilled to have Brian join Mosaic to lead the next stage of the Company’s growth and to build the business in partnership with its world-class team.

This revolutionary approach to drug discovery has the potential to accelerate entry to the clinic and to be applied in oncology settings in cancers that have previously been difficult to treat. The potential for the Company and most importantly for patients is huge and Syncona is excited to be part of this progress.

Cambridge Innovation Capital and Director of Mosaic, Anne Horgan, couldn’t be more thrilled to invest in Mosaic Therapeutics and its brilliant founders. This marks the third spin out from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, and the team is further bolstered by the addition of Brian, a highly experienced oncology executive.

Mosaic stands out for their combination of advanced data science, large dataset mining, and experimental approaches, giving them the power to identify and develop groundbreaking targeted therapies for those most likely to benefit from them. Cambridge is a shining beacon of biotechnology and life sciences, and Mosaic is a perfect example of the innovation that can come from the ecosystem.

Mosaic, the most recent spin-out company from the renowned Wellcome Sanger Institute, has left an indelible mark on genome research. Their groundbreaking contributions to the Human Genome Project and International Cancer Genome Consortium have revolutionized our understanding of genetic make-up, while their discoveries of BRAF mutations have unlocked new and effective treatments for cancer.

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