Myriad Genetics Launches Revolutionary Tool to Assess Breast Cancer Risk by Incorporating Breast Density Measurement into MyRisk® with RiskScore®

Myriad Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYGN) introduces MyRisk® Hereditary Cancer Test with RiskScore® as the first breast cancer risk model that includes breast density, personal/family clinical history, and a polygenic risk score.

Combining TCv8 breast density with the latest genetic information, this test provides patients and providers with a comprehensive look at their five-year and remaining lifetime risk for breast cancer. With MyRisk with RiskScore, individuals will now be able to benefit from a fuller picture of their risk and are provided with the most accurate information to make educated decisions concerning their health.

Starting in September 2024, mammography facilities will be required by the Federal Drug Administration to notify patients about their breast density. With MyRisk and RiskScore, Myriad’s cancer risk assessment program, providers and imaging networks will be able to offer a more personalized experience to their patients.

Higher-density tissue can hide small masses or cancer, but with this new information, cancer can be caught in its early stages, when it is more treatable. By making sure patient’s have a full understanding of the density of their breasts, we may be able to eliminate breast cancer more efficiently.

At SimonMed, we are dedicated to helping save lives and are now incorporating breast density, an indicator of breast cancer risk, into our breast cancer risk assessment tool with the help of Myriad Genetics.

Our advanced TCv8 technology takes into account multiple clinical factors and family history, as well as breast density, to better quantify breast cancer risk for our patients. Our CEO, John Simon, MD, a board-certified radiologist, is excited to be able to provide more personalized imaging pathways to those needing it most.

At the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Myriad revealed compelling data from a study on the RiskScore with TCv8. The study found that a PRS significantly enhanced risk stratification when compared with TCv8 by itself and could open the door to more tailored breast cancer risk reduction and early detection tactics, such as preventive medications or closer monitoring. These results underscore the effectiveness of RiskScore with TCv8 in helping patients navigate their risk.

Patients with dense breasts have often faced greater difficulty in detecting breast cancer. Traditional screening methods may leave them vulnerable to identifying cancer too late and at a more advanced and difficult-to-treat stage.

At Myriad Genetics, we’re strongly committed to helping these patients and their healthcare providers by providing advanced tools such as RiskScore that can assess breast cancer risk based on individual risk factors, including breast density. With RiskScore, we hope to enable early screenings and increased accuracy in detecting cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages.

About Myriad Genetics

Myriad Genetics is a pioneering genetic testing and precision medicine company on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of all people. Their genetic tests can determine an individual’s risk of developing a disease, identify how far a disease may progress, and even suggest tailored treatment options to ensure the best possible outcome. Myriad Genetics is devoted to using genetic insight to enhance patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

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