Neuboron Medical Group & Xiamen Humanity Hospital Make a ‘Spectacular Debut’ at Xiamen BNCT Tech Forum to Revolutionize Clinical Application & New Drug Development

On April 22, Neuboron Medical Group (NMG), a leading global Accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (AB-BNCT) total solution provider, and Xiamen Humanity Hospital (XHH) joined forces to host the Xiamen BNCT Technology Forum 2023 at the BNCT center in XHH.

The event brought together a distinguished group of experts from renowned research institutions, such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Nanjing University, China Pharmaceutical University, Dalian University of Technology, Tamkang University, and Changhua University of Education, to share their latest research findings on a diverse range of topics, including BNCT clinical research, molecular imaging, nuclear medicine, and the development of next-generation boron drugs.

The conference was an unprecedented hybrid event, with more than 5,000 physical and virtual attendees coming together to explore innovative and cutting-edge approaches to BNCT’s new drug and clinical development.

At the forum, a patient with recurrent head and neck chondrosarcoma shared his remarkable story of transformation through BNCT treatment. Prof. Dr. Yuan-Hao Liu of NMG presented the latest clinical research findings from the Xiamen BNCT center, which showed that the Neuborons’ NeuPex AB-BNCT System, in combination with boronophenylalanine (BPA) NBB-001, had promising efficacy and tolerable toxicity levels in 14 patients, particularly for HN and GBM cases. In some instances, individuals have even achieved a complete response (CR).

At the conference, research teams presented their latest findings on potential new compounds for BNCT, and put them to the test on the Xiamen BNCT platform. Through cell and animal studies, as well as fundamental pharmaceutical research, the teams unveiled essential data for future clinical applications that could massively expand the clinical indications for BNCT. The results of their experiments were crucial for the development of new NCT drugs.

The Xiamen BNCT Center welcomed researchers from around the world to its Forum on BNCT Research, a multidisciplinary advanced radiation modality. This was the ideal platform to exchange insightful perspectives and promote open innovation.

Through this collective effort, the global BNCT community is pushing towards a shorter timeframe for clinical application of BNCT research and novel drug development – from bench to market.

About BNCT

BNCT is a revolutionary radiation oncology therapy that has the potential to revolutionize cancer care. This targeted radiation therapy is capable of destroying only boron compound-bearing tumors without harming surrounding healthy tissue, making it an ideal treatment for tumors that have metastasized or recurred.

To date, BNCT has been used to treat over two thousand patients worldwide, providing them with an effective treatment option while minimizing the impact on their quality of life. BNCT is an exciting new approach to cancer care that holds great promise for the future.

About Xiamen Humanity Hospital

Xiamen Ren’ai Medical Foundation, a non-public charitable medical foundation launched by the state-owned Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited, funds XHH, a Class III non-profit comprehensive hospital. This modern hospital offers a range of services, including medical, first aid, prevention, healthcare, rehabilitation, teaching, and R&D, and is equipped with the necessary medical facilities and resources. With a wealth of talent and expertise, XHH is an excellent choice for those seeking quality medical care.

About Neuboron Medical Group

Neuboron Medical Group (NMG) has revolutionized cancer treatments in China since its founding in 2014. From its inception in Nanjing, the company quickly expanded to Xiamen and established itself as China’s premier provider of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) solutions.

Neuboron has developed comprehensive expertise over the BNCT technology, from hardware and software to boron drugs. In August 2021, Neuboron deployed the country’s first in-hospital compact AB-BNCT medical system (aka. NeuPex) and has since conducted the first-in-human study at Xiamen Humanity Hospital (XHH) BNCT Center in 2022.

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