New Cancer Treatment BI-1206 Set to Make Its International Debut at the 17th International Conference of Malignant Lymphoma

BioInvent International (STO:BINV) is proud to announce that the abstract for the ongoing clinical trial of their BI-1206 in combination with rituximab has been accepted to the ICML. The study design and status, as well as the early clinical results, have been summarized in the abstract, allowing for a glimpse at the promising progress being made in the dose escalation phase.

BioInvent International AB, a biotech company based in Lund, Sweden, is proud to announce that its lead drug candidate BI-1206, the innovative anti-FcgRIIB antibody, has had an abstract accepted for presentation at the International Conference of Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) Annual Meeting 2023.

The conference will take place in Lugano, Switzerland, from June 13-17, 2023, and promises to be a major event celebrating cutting-edge advancements in cancer immunotherapy. BioInvent and its novel antibody BI-1206 are excited to be part of the ICML’s program and look forward to presenting new findings on the clinical profile of the drug candidate.

The first results from the development of a subcutaneous (SC) formulation of BI-1206 for treating non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) are expected in the first half of 2023. This new formulation should provide greater flexibility in dosing and administration, helping to ensure the optimal potential of BI-1206. Meanwhile, the intravenous (IV) form of BI-1206 has completed dose escalation and the determined recommended Phase 2 dose (RP2D) awaits further investigation in clinical trials.

As of June 12th, 2023, a total of 15 evaluable patients have been treatd with BI-1206 as part of an ongoing study of rituximab containing treatments, classified as refractory or relapsed. Out of these 15 patients, incredible responses have been observed: 4 complete responders (CR), 3 partial responders (PR) and 4 cases of stable disease (SD).

What’s even more astounding, is that of those four CRs, three were long lasting with responses lasting for years after end of treatment, while the fourth is still on treatment! To top it all off, with a median duration of complete response of 2.5 years, the Phase 2a dose expansion cohort is currently enrolling patients.

About BioInvent

BioInvent International AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: BINV) is a clinical-stage biotech company focused on developing innovative antibodies to revolutionize the oncology landscape. They are in the process of testing four of their leading drug candidates in five Phase 1/2 cancer trials, in both hematological and solid tumor therapies.

What sets their technology apart is their F.I.R.S.Tâ„¢ technology platform, which not only identifies the ideal targets but also the ideal antibodies to bind to them. These antibody-based treatments have the potential to positively transform the cancer treatment landscape, with opportunities for licensing and partnership.

The Company is ushering in a new era of healthcare through innovative research collaborations and lucrative license agreements with premier pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, its fully integrated manufacturing unit produces antibodies for clients, generating additional revenue streams.

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