New Results Show OncoK9 Liquid Biopsy Test Can Revolutionize Cancer Detection in Dogs

OncoK9’s potential for detecting cancer recurrence and residual disease after surgery or treatment is impressive, as evidenced by the results of PetDx’s analysis. With its help, we can detect cancer earlier and more accurately, giving us a better chance at successful treatment.

PetDx® – The Liquid Biopsy Company for Pets™ has unveiled a groundbreaking white paper proving that OncoK9®, their pioneering multi-cancer early detection test for dogs, can revolutionize cancer monitoring for canine patients with just a single blood draw. Through the CANcer Detection in Dogs (CANDiD) study, the performance of the OncoK9 test was validated for detecting 30 different types of canine cancer by leveraging next-generation sequencing (NGS) of blood-derived DNA. Originally designed for cancer screening and diagnosis, OncoK9® – The Liquid Biopsy Test for Dogs™ is now also recommended for detecting residual disease and monitoring for recurrence in dogs previously diagnosed with cancer.

The introduction of a new non-invasive cancer detection test for dogs is a major breakthrough in veterinary medicine! This test can be used to identify residual disease after surgery or to detect disease recurrence following treatment. According to Angela McCleary-Wheeler, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Oncology), Director of Translational Research and Collaboration at PetDx, this test offers an exciting opportunity to help veterinarians monitor cancer in their canine patients. Although it cannot replace standard-of-care clinical assessment methods, it can be used as an additional tool to provide invaluable insight.

Following cancer treatment, it’s crucial for veterinarians to evaluate a patient’s clinical disease status. Physical exams and imaging tests are often used during follow-up visits, yet they may not be sensitive enough to detect any remaining disease after surgery, or to recognize early signs of cancer recurrence. Unfortunately, certain imaging procedures may not be readily available, or may carry risks for the patient. It’s essential to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective long-term care.

The CANDiD study was powered by an impressive clinical research program which saw over 200 canine patients diagnosed with cancer having their blood samples taken over 500 follow-up visits. The results of the OncoK9 test, and the presence or absence of the disease, were recorded at every visit. The findings were remarkable, with key insights into cancer monitoring in the post-diagnosis setting being revealed.

High concordance between OncoK9 test results and clinical disease status:

OncoK9’s results showed an astonishing accuracy rate of over 95% in detecting cancer in positive samples, with these results often being confirmed by clinical disease present at the same visit or at a later visit.

Detection of molecular residual disease following excisional surgery:

At their first post-operative visit, dogs without any clinical signs of disease were twice as likely to experience a recurrence of their cancer within six months if their OncoK9 test came back with a “Cancer Signal Detected” result, compared to dogs with a “Cancer Signal Not Detected” result.

Detection of disease recurrence: 

OncoK9 tests detected cancer signals with remarkable accuracy in dogs with cancer recurrence: 70% had a signal before or at the same time as the clinical recurrence, and 37% had a signal two or more months before the clinical recurrence. This test could prove highly beneficial in the early detection and treatment of cancer in dogs.

For the first time ever, PetDx has successfully applied the same blood-based detection of cancer signals used for human oncology to veterinary medicine. Our largest canine cancer cohort to date shows that this liquid biopsy method can be used to effectively monitor dogs after diagnosis and treatment, making it easier for veterinarians to detect cancer earlier and keep track of the disease with a simple blood draw. We are thrilled to present the revolutionary OncoK9 program!

Come February 2023, veterinarians will be able to order the OncoK9 test, a revolutionary new tool for detecting residual disease and cancer recurrence in dogs. With the OncoK9 test, veterinarians will have an innovative way to keep their canine patients healthy and safe.

About PetDx

At PetDx®, we are revolutionizing pet health care with our Liquid Biopsy Company for Pets™. Our flagship product OncoK9® is a first-of-its-kind multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test that enables veterinarians to detect cancer in dogs with a simple blood draw. Utilizing cutting-edge genomic analysis and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, OncoK9 is revolutionizing the way veterinarians diagnose and treat canine cancer. Now available at most veterinary clinics across the United States and Canada, OncoK9 is changing the way we care for our furry friends.

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