New South Wales and Myeloid Therapeutics Join Forces to Create Innovative GMP Manufacturing Facility for Groundbreaking RNA Immunotherapies

Myeloid Therapeutics Inc., a clinical-stage mRNA-immunotherapy company, is taking a major step towards the commercialization of its RNA therapeutics with the announcement of a collaboration with the New South Wales Government in Australia. The NSW Government is investing an impressive AU $96 million in a world-class RNA manufacturing and research facility, creating an RNA ecosystem in the region and laying the groundwork for a successful future for Myeloid and other biotechnology companies. This investment is a major step forward for the commercialization of RNA-based therapies, and promises to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Myeloid has just announced the construction of a custom-designed, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on the Macquarie University campus within the Connect Macquarie Park Innovation District in the Sydney Metropolitan region. This facility is being created with the sole purpose of manufacturing RNA-based therapies and will be commissioned and qualified by Myeloid themselves with the ability to globally supply clinical products.

Myeloid is proud to partner with New South Wales and its Health Infrastructure team for the creation of a state-of-the-art RNA-manufacturing facility, positioning the company to become a leader in GMP manufacturing and development of RNA-based immunotherapies. With control of their own manufacturing processes, their proven bioengineering capabilities, and expertise in mRNA, Myeloid has ensured a non-dilutive pathway to delivering their product portfolio to patients. NSW’s foresight and willingness to innovate, by deploying capital for the facility and other health initiatives, is a testament to their commitment to bringing innovative, cost-effective immunotherapies to people who need them in a timely and consistent manner.

The new facility will not only bring advanced manufacturing and large-scale commercial capabilities to Australia, but also offer laboratories for process development and other support spaces for the development of innovative products to be tested in clinical trials both locally and abroad. It is sure to revolutionize the industry and make a lasting impact on the nation.

The NSW Government is partnering with Myeloid and Macquarie University to advance the State’s capabilities in developing and manufacturing RNA-based therapeutics locally. Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology Alister Henskens has hailed the partnership as an important step in strengthening the NSW economy and improving the health of its citizens. With this initiative, the NSW Government is leading the way in creating a thriving, innovative and health-focused environment.

Mr. Henskens is excited to announce a partnership with Myeloid and a significant investment in RNA manufacturing, which will create a globally competitive R&D ecosystem in NSW that has the potential to save lives. This world-leading facility will accelerate biomedical research capabilities, boost early phase clinical trials, and attract innovators, collaborators, and investors from around the world to the state and to Australia. It promises to be a game-changing development for the future of healthcare.

About Myeloid Therapeutics

Myeloid Therapeutics is an innovative clinical stage mRNA-immunotherapy company that is revolutionizing the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Utilizing an advanced proprietary platform that combines RNA, immunology, and medicine, the Company offers a range of therapeutic options tailored to individual disease conditions. These include autologous cell therapies, in vivo cell programming with mRNA, RNA-based gene-editing with RetroTâ„¢, and multi-targeted biologics.

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