Nomination Committee Proposes Bold Changes to the Board of Spago Nanomedical for Enhanced Commercial Success

Spago Nanomedical (STO:SPAGO.ST)(FRA:7UX.F) is pleased to announce two new additions to its Board of Directors: Hans Arwidsson as Chairman, and Alan Raffensperger as Board Member. Current Chairman Eugen Steiner and Board Members Peter Leander and Sten Nilsson are leaving the Board, but will remain as Scientific Advisors for the company’s development programs.

The Nomination Committee has also proposed the re-election of Kari Grønås and Nicklas Westerholm. Once approved at the Annual General Meeting, the Board will be reduced from five to four members.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Hans Arwidsson and Alan Raffensperger as the new Chairman and Member of Spago Nanomedical’s board. Their extensive experience in the industry, both in Sweden and abroad, will be of immense value to the company.

With the newly proposed composition of the board, Spago Nanomedical is well equipped with a commercially-minded board to drive operations, business development and financing. We would like to express our gratitude to Eugen Steiner for his invaluable contribution as Chairman of Spago Nanomedical.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Peter Leander and Sten Nilsson for their long-term support to the board. We are delighted that they will continue to provide their knowledge and expertise as scientific advisors.

Hans Arwidsson is a distinguished pharmacist and doctor of pharmaceutical science, who boasts a wide range of knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has held several prominent positions in research, business development, marketing and production at Astra and AstraZeneca and has also served in company management and board positions in smaller life science companies. To top it off, he has an MBA from the renowned Stockholm School of Economics.

Alan Raffensperger has an impressive track record in life science, gained through a range of leadership positions with world-renowned companies such as Pharmacia, Roche and Amgen, as well as the smaller firm, Sobi.

With a broad knowledge base that covers the full development cycle, from early research to commercialization, licensing and even the sale of entire companies, Alan is a true master of his craft.

His qualifications include an MBA from the George Washington University School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Health Services Management from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Peter Lindell (representing Cidro Förvaltning AB and own holdings) has been appointed as the chairman of the nomination committee for the 2023 general meeting. Joining him are Mikael Lönn (own holdings) and Eva Redhe (own holdings). With their combined expertise and experience, the nomination committee is ready to present its proposals in the upcoming notice of the annual general meeting.

Spago Nanomedical AB is a Swedish nanomedicines company that is making strides in clinical development. The company is leveraging a platform of polymeric materials with sophisticated properties to more accurately diagnose and treat life-threatening and debilitating diseases. As an industry leader, Spago Nanomedical’s shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the ticker symbol SPAGO.

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