OMass Therapeutics Strengthens Scientific Advisory Board with Dr. Mark Namchuk, PhD

Prepare for a significant stride in the world of biotechnology as OMass Therapeutics, known for its pioneering work in identifying medicines against highly validated target ecosystems, welcomes a formidable addition to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Meet Dr. Mark Namchuk, PhD, a visionary force in translating groundbreaking science into invaluable medicines. Currently serving as the Executive Director of Therapeutics Translation and Professor of the Practice at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Namchuk brings a wealth of experience to the table.

But that’s not all. He’s been a driving force behind major developments, having previously served as Senior Vice President of Research, Pharmaceutical and Non-Clinical Development at Alkermes. His journey of impact doesn’t stop there; he’s held pivotal roles at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where his responsibilities spanned multiple therapeutic areas, from immune-mediated inflammatory diseases to neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders.

With Dr. Namchuk on board, OMass Therapeutics is poised for a new era of scientific excellence and innovation, and the possibilities are boundless.

In the realm of scientific excellence, OMass Therapeutics has assembled an elite team, led by the distinguished Professor Dame Carol Robinson, one of the company’s co-founders. This stellar Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) comprises leading experts in biophysics and drug discovery, a dream team dedicated to guiding the scientific strategy that propels OMass’ revolutionary drug discovery platform, OdyssION™.

But here’s the grand vision: OMass isn’t just about science; it’s on a mission to transform lives. Their goal is nothing short of improving the lives of patients battling orphan or immunological diseases. How? By developing novel, game-changing small molecules that target the most challenging, hard-to-drug targets.

Ali Jazayeri, the Chief Scientific Officer at OMass Therapeutics, knows the value of Dr. Mark Namchuk’s extensive experience. His role as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board brings a wealth of expertise in translating science into life-changing medicines. Together with this exceptional team, they are set to expand the boundaries of their groundbreaking technology platform, OdyssION™.

Dr. Namchuk shares this excitement, recognizing the potential of OMass’ approach to yield highly differentiated and invaluable therapeutics. With a shared vision and unwavering commitment, the SAB, along with OMass’ leadership, is poised to advance science and create medicines that truly benefit patients.

About OMass Therapeutics

In the heart of biotechnology’s frontier, OMass Therapeutics stands tall, on a mission to discover medicines that unlock the mysteries of highly-validated target ecosystems. They’re not just a company; they’re trailblazers, armed with their revolutionary OdyssION™ technology platform.

But what sets them apart? It’s a potent blend of cutting-edge biochemistry techniques, next-gen native mass spectrometry, and bespoke chemistry. These tools allow OMass to do something extraordinary – to explore not just the target but the intricate dance it performs within its native ecosystem, free from the complexities of the cell. It’s like having cell-system fidelity with cell-free precision.

The result? A groundbreaking pipeline of small molecule therapeutics designed to tackle rare diseases and immunological conditions head-on. OMass doesn’t just target solute carriers, complex-bound proteins, and GPCRs; they aim to decode the secrets of life itself.

Based in the vibrant city of Oxford, UK, OMass is not just a company; it’s a movement. With over $160M (£129M) in backing from a stellar international investor syndicate, including Syncona, Oxford Science Enterprises, GV, Northpond Ventures, Sanofi Ventures, and British Patient Capital, they’re on a quest to reshape the future of medicine, one discovery at a time.

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