Omega Therapeutics Raises $40 Million in Capital With Stock Offering

Omega Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: OMGA) has secured an impressive $40 million in a registered direct offering of 6,920,415 Shares of common stock, with a purchase price of $5.78 per share. The investors participating in this offering include both new and existing investors, reflecting the confidence in Omega’s pioneering development of a new class of programmable epigenetic mRNA medicines.

Omega is excited to announce the closing of its offering on February 27, 2023, without the need for an underwriter or placement agent. This means that Omega will not be paying out any underwriting discounts or placement agent fees, allowing the company to more fully reinvest in its operations and its commitment to its customers.

About Omega Therapeutics

Omega Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company founded by Flagship Pioneering, is leading the way in developing a breakthrough class of mRNA medicines. By leveraging the power of epigenetics to control gene expression, the OMEGA platform unlocks a wealth of possibilities, allowing the correction of the root cause of diseases with unprecedented precision. Omega’s modular and programmable Omega Epigenomic Controllers™ can target specific epigenomic loci to durably tune single or multiple genes to treat and cure diseases in areas such as oncology, regenerative medicine, multigenic diseases including immunology, and select monogenic diseases.

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