Orakl Oncology Secures €3 Million to Fuel Cutting-Edge Techbio Platform Advancements in Precision Oncology

Orakl Oncology, a precision oncology startup, has announced a successful fundraising round of €3 million to advance its techbio platform. The platform integrates cutting-edge biology with real-world patient data on a large scale to create accurate tumor models, with the aim of accelerating oncology drug development.

One of the significant challenges in oncology is the late introduction of drug candidates to patients, resulting in a high failure rate of 96% in clinical trials and missed treatment opportunities for cancer patients.

Orakl Oncology seeks to address this issue by combining cell biology, engineering, and machine learning to develop unique tumor avatars for each individual cancer patient. These avatars can replicate real-life responses to drugs, providing a more accurate representation of how patients will respond to treatment.

Orakl Oncology’s growing collection of avatars aims to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of cancer on a population scale. This approach can assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies in identifying new therapeutic targets or predictive biomarkers, ultimately increasing the success rates of clinical trials.

Dr. Fanny Jaulin, CEO, and Co-Founder of Orakl Oncology, expressed the company’s ambition to become a world-leading techbio platform that transforms oncology drug development, resulting in faster, more intelligent, and cost-effective treatments for patients.

The company was launched in 2023 as a spin-out from the Gustave Roussy Institute and focuses on the global oncology market, with initial attention on colorectal and pancreatic cancers, which are among the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide.

The fundraising round was led by Speedinvest and included additional investments from HCVC and Verve Ventures. The funds will be used to establish the company’s wet and dry lab capabilities and hire key team members, including scientists and engineers. These developments will enable Orakl Oncology to execute its initial contracts with pharmaceutical and biotech partners.

Orakl Oncology’s approach to creating accurate and scalable representations of biology and heterogeneity in the patient population has drawn attention and support from investors who recognize the potential for breakthrough solutions in drug discovery through a combination of biology, data, and AI.

About Orakl Oncology

Orakl Oncology is at the forefront of precision oncology, utilizing tumor avatars that merge top-tier biology with comprehensive clinical and molecular data on a large scale. Our techbio platform empowers stakeholders in the field of oncology to pinpoint pertinent targets and expedite the development of superior drugs.

As a spin-out from the prestigious Gustave Roussy Institute, ranked as the world’s third-best cancer center, Orakl Oncology boasts a team of seasoned experts. Our founders bring decades of international experience in cancer cell biology and engineering to drive innovation and advancements in cancer treatment.

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