Palisade Bio Accelerates Robert McRae to Chief Operating Officer

Palisade Bio, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALI), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing therapies for GI complications, is pleased to announce the promotion of Robert McRae to Chief Operating Officer, as well as the appointment of J.D. Finley, interim Chief Executive Officer, to its Board of Directors. These strategic changes will strengthen the Company’s capabilities and position it for future success.

Rob has been an invaluable asset to us over the past year, providing his leadership and expertise in operations and business development. His impressive track record of execution and deep understanding of the progress of LB1148 has made him the ideal candidate to serve as our Chief Operating Officer. We are so grateful for his ongoing guidance and insight, which has enabled us to remain committed to developing treatments for acute and chronic GI complications. We are fully confident that we are putting the Company on the path to success and potential opportunities.

Mr. McRae joined Palisade Bio in December 2021, bringing with him over a decade of experience in the operations and strategic development arena. With his appointment as Chief Operating Officer, he is now in charge of ensuring the optimal functioning of the entire Palisade enterprise, steering the organization towards its goals through the implementation of strategic research and development, and business development initiatives.

Mr. McRae is thrilled to be taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer at Palisade Bio, a company he joined in late 2021. He has been instrumental in driving the Company’s internal operations and development programs forward, and is now looking forward to advancing the Company’s pipeline and creating much-needed therapeutics that target and improve intestinal barrier integrity.

Mr. McRae is a highly experienced professional with expertise in clinical operations, global clinical trial management and business development. He has been pivotal in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with academic and pharmaceutical entities throughout his tenure at Viracta Therapeutics and in facilitating the company’s transition from private to public. Prior to his role at Viracta, Mr. McRae worked at a global clinical research organization, and conducted molecular biology and microbiology research at Wright State University and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory.

About Palisade Bio 

Palisade Bio is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by developing therapeutics that protect the integrity of the intestinal barrier. With decades of research and science to back them up, the company is targeting diseases that are linked to the intestinal barrier to create groundbreaking treatments that will improve the health and well-being of patients around the world.

LB1148, the Company’s lead program, is a powerful broad-spectrum serine protease inhibitor that acts to neutralize digestive enzymes and protect the intestines from potential damage. Clinical studies have shown that LB1148 can reduce the incidence and severity of post-surgical abdominal adhesions and even speed up the return of postoperative bowel function. To further prove its effectiveness, LB1148 is currently undergoing a Phase 2 study (PROFILE) to assess its ability to reduce intra-abdominal adhesions, accelerate the return of gastrointestinal function, and prevent post-operative ileus in people who have undergone elective bowel resection.

The Company is revolutionizing the treatment of diseases by tackling the disruption of the intestinal barrier, giving patients access to a new standard of care and transforming the medical landscape.

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