Palisade Bio Achieves Milestone with Full Enrollment in Dose Optimization Trial for LB1148.

Palisade Bio, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALI), a biopharmaceutical company striving to develop treatments for acute and chronic GI complications, has achieved a key milestone by completing patient enrollment in its dose optimization study of LB1148. J.D. Finley, Chief Executive Officer, expressed his excitement about the success of this study, which will provide insight into the optimal dosing protocol for future clinical development. This will be coupled with readouts from a subsequent Phase 2 study, providing meaningful data to guide the development of LB1148. All indicators point towards a brighter future in the prevention of post-surgical abdominal adhesions.

About Palisade Bio 

Palisade Bio is revolutionizing patient care with the development of innovative therapeutics designed to protect the integrity of the intestinal barrier. Its lead product, LB1148, is a broad spectrum serine protease inhibitor that works to neutralize digestive enzymes, potentially reducing intestinal damage. In clinical trials, LB1148 has demonstrated a positive effect in reducing post-surgical abdominal adhesions and shortening the time to recover postoperative bowel function.

A U.S. Phase 2 study is underway to examine LB1148’s effectiveness in reducing intra-abdominal adhesions, accelerating return of gastrointestinal function, and preventing post-operative ileus. At Palisade Bio, we are striving to change how diseases are treated and improve patient outcomes by targeting the disruption of the intestinal barrier.

Forward Looking Statements

The future looks bright for LB1148 with our plans to continue advancing our clinical programs, seek regulatory approvals, and close a potential public offering. This could result in a significant increase in our current cash runway. However, our success is of course not assured and there are a number of risks and uncertainties that could make it difficult for us to meet our goals.

Such risks include the uncertain and time-consuming regulatory process, our ability to secure additional financing and our ability to satisfy continued listing requirements for Nasdaq. Despite this, we remain optimistic about our future and look forward to sharing any exciting updates with our investors.

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