Patient Advocacy Groups Vote Horizon Therapeutics plc #1 in Patient-Focused Care and Integrity

Horizon Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: HZNP) has been ranked first in patient centricity, integrity, ease of relations and transparency in pricing by patient groups who worked with the company around the world, and second in overall corporate reputation according to the survey conducted by PatientView.

The survey evaluated 40 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and gathered responses from more than 2,200 patient groups. Horizon Therapeutics has proven its commitment to patient-focused care and transparency in pricing.

Horizon was rated first in patient centricity, integrity and ease of relations and third overall in overall corporate reputation by patient groups who are familiar with the company, but who don’t work directly with them. This impressive performance shows Horizon’s commitment to their patients, as well as their dedication to fostering respectful and beneficial relationships with all stakeholders.

At Horizon, the needs of patient communities are at the forefront of everything we do. We take guidance from people living with challenging diseases and the patient groups who serve them, and make sure their input is heard in our clinical trial design, disease education initiatives, and other programs.

We are always striving to enhance our efforts and make sure they have the most meaningful impact, which is why we are so honored to receive a positive PatientView report. It is our commitment to patient advocacy that continues to guide us forward.

The 2022 PatientView survey revealed a remarkable increase in familiarity with Horizon; with 247 patient groups from around the world claiming familiarity with the company, a 67-point rise from the previous year. Even more impressive was the increase in the number of patient groups who had worked with Horizon, a 43-point increase from 2021.

Horizon was also placed in the top tier of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in 13 indicators of corporate reputation. This impressive survey results bode well for the company’s future.

Horizon’s Commitment to Patients and their Advocates

The first ever Rare Autoimmune Emerging Leaders’ Summit was held, uniting an inspiring group of 26 patient advocate leaders in the rare and autoimmune space. This historic summit provided a platform for meaningful connections and a chance for groups to gain insight from each other.

Horizon recently launched the first-ever TED Mobile Exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia! This exhibit brought much-needed education and awareness to underserved communities by providing resources and information about Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). Attendees were able to learn more about TED and its impacts, making this event a true success.

Horizon invited patients, care partners, and patient advocacy leaders to their U.S. headquarters for a unique event to discuss current challenges the NMO community is facing. The goal was to brainstorm ideas and opportunities to better support this community. It was a great opportunity to come together and share experiences, providing invaluable insight and knowledge to help guide the way forward.

At the 17th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy) Congress, a unique and powerful exhibition of photos was hosted, featuring individuals living with NMOSD. These brave individuals attended the opening in-person to speak to Congress participants, giving a personal insight into their experiences and journeys of living with the disease. It was a truly remarkable event that provided an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness of NMOSD in Europe.

In Brazil, the importance of multidisciplinary care to overcome the social and economic burden of rare autoimmune diseases has been supported through disease education initiatives that involve the art of amplifying the patient’s voice.

For instance, the “Fazendo Arte com Gustavo Rosa” art workshops for NMOSD patients and the short film “Atrás dos Meus Olhos”, which tells the story of a TED patient, are two such initiatives that have helped bring much-needed attention to these diseases.

Horizon joined forces with the Arthritis Foundation to become the sole National Presenting Sponsor for the organization’s flagship event, Walk to Cure Arthritis! Our teams across the nation volunteered and participated at over 70 events, making a powerful statement in the fight against arthritis.

About Horizon

At Horizon, we believe that science and compassion must unite to revolutionize lives. That’s why we are a global biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of medicines that address the urgent needs of those struggling with rare, autoimmune, and severe inflammatory diseases. Our purposeful pipeline is designed to bring life-changing therapies to patients around the world.

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