Perspectum Makes Big Move with $19 Million Series C Funding Led by Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

Perspectum Diagnostics, a pioneer in precision health, is revolutionizing medical imaging with its innovative tools to diagnose metabolic diseases and cancer. The company has just announced the successful completion of its second close of the $55 million Series C funding round, with Oppenheimer leading the $19 million investment. This brings Perspectum Diagnostics’ total amount raised since its founding to an impressive $140 million.

Since the start of 2021, LiverMultiScan, Perspectum’s flagship diagnostic tool for assessing and monitoring chronic liver disease, has seen an incredible surge in use. 77 million US adults covered by Medicare and commercial plans now have access to the test, and it’s been adopted by numerous major US hospitals. As demand for the tool rises, Perspectum is dedicated to expanding its reach and scaling to meet the needs of those in need.

Perspectum is proud to announce the second close of its Series C funding, which will enable the company to continue its mission of deploying, developing and validating its platform-based products for clinical research and clinical use. This funding will also allow Perspectum to remain a leader in the field of medical AI technologies, and to continue to shape and improve patient care both in the present and in the future. According to Rajarshi Banerjee, MD, PhD, CEO of Perspectum, “This second Series C close further strengthens our ability to make a positive impact in patient care through the use of advanced AI technologies.”

Perspectum’s innovative software solutions transform a conventional MRI machine into a powerful tool for analyzing organ inflammation with unparalleled precision. By leveraging advanced multiparametric mapping data, the AI-enabled software can accurately diagnose and monitor chronic diseases, providing physicians with invaluable insights to improve patient care.

Dr Elizabeth Fagan, Perspectum Board Member and adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago, has spent over 45 years caring for patients and wishes she had access to Perspectum’s AI-enabled technologies during her career. She can see how their LiverMultiScan and FDA-approved MRCP+ technology can be applied to chronic liver and biliary diseases and transform the way these conditions are treated.

Perspectum is utilizing its new funding to not only scale its operations in the US, but to also accelerate its product pipeline for multiorgan conditions and oncology. This will allow the company to provide more comprehensive solutions to its clients, providing them with the best care possible.

Perspectum is thrilled to receive its second close of funding as it moves towards mainstream adoption of its commercially available products, such as its LiverMultiScan. This funding will support a more accelerated approach as Perspectum works towards its ultimate goal of standardizing the use of integrated AI clinical decision support tools to manage patient health on a global scale. According to Perspectum Board Chair, Dr Michael Rosenblatt, “This is an exciting step forward for Perspectum and I am proud to be part of this journey.”

About Perspectum

Perspectum is a global medical technology company that is revolutionising healthcare through the use of advanced imaging and genetics for precision medicine. Our team of physicians, biomedical scientists, engineers, and technologists are dedicated to providing the best care possible for patients with chronic metabolic diseases, multi-organ pathology, and cancer. With offices in the US, the UK, Portugal, and Singapore, Perspectum is transforming the way healthcare is delivered by helping clinicians detect and treat health problems earlier, enabling better outcomes for patients.

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