Photodisinfection Proven to Effectively Combat Food-Borne Pathogens: Ondine Biomedical Reports

Ondine Biomedical, a Canadian life sciences company, has made a breakthrough in the development of photodisinfection for food processing. A proof-of-concept study presented on 12 April, 2023,1 showed that the technology was capable of achieving 4-5 log (up to 99.999%) elimination of key food-borne pathogens commonly found on hard surfaces in meat processing facilities and on fresh-cut chicken, beef, and pork meat. This revolutionary development is set to revolutionize food safety standards in Canada, and Ondine is applying for additional funding to continue building upon this success.

Bacterial contamination in the meat industry is a serious issue, with far-reaching consequences for all involved. Not only can consuming contaminated meat result in illness and even death, with over 400,000 people dying each year from foodborne illnesses, but it can also bring about adverse effects on the health and well-being of consumers, workers, animals, and the community at large, not to mention impact the industry’s profitability.

The Ondine Biomedical program, conducted in collaboration with Chinook Contract Research, has identified four food-safe photosensitizers – compounds that can eradicate pathogens when exposed to a specific wavelength of light. These photosensitizers were tested against Salmonella enterica and MRSA, two dangerous bacterial organisms, grown and tested in biofilm form.

Biofilm is an incredibly resilient form of bacteria, withstanding up to 1000 times more antibiotics and disinfectants than free-floating cells. The photodisinfection process was a success, achieving complete elimination of all Salmonella enterica biofilms and a 99.999% reduction of MRSA biofilms in various food safety models.4 This is an important breakthrough for food safety, as these photosensitizers could potentially be employed in the future to ensure food safety and protection against dangerous bacteria.

The Government of Canada’s AgriScience Program, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative, has funded this research in part. This program was developed to help bring innovative research and science activities to the agricultural and agri-food sector, with the ultimate goal of benefitting both consumers and producers. Through the AgriScience Program, the pace of innovation within the sector is accelerated, making Canada a leader in agriculture and food production.

About Ondine Biomedical Inc.

Ondine Biomedical Inc., a Canadian-headquartered company, is on the forefront of innovative photodisinfection therapies. Our proprietary platform has enabled us to develop a diverse range of investigational products in various stages of development, from nasal photodisinfection to treatments for conditions such as chronic sinusitis, ventilator-associated pneumonia, and burns. We are committed to creating cutting-edge treatments to help people around the world.

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