Precision Unleashed: Exactech Secures FDA Green Light for Next-Gen Activit-E™ Knee Replacement Polyethylene

In the vibrant city of Gainesville, where innovation knows no limits, a symphony of progress echoes. Hear the crescendo as Exactech, Inc. takes center stage – a maestro of cutting-edge implants, ingenious instrumentation, and brilliant smart technologies, all choreographed for the ballet of joint replacement surgery.

Applause erupts as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration bestows a resounding ovation, granting a well-deserved 510(k) clearance. The star of the show? Activit-E™ polyethylene, a marvel that breathes life into the Truliant® knee replacement system, a masterpiece that embodies advancement and promise.

“From the crucible of relentless research and the forge of unwavering development emerges Activit-E, a triumph that elevates Exactech to new heights,” declared Adam Hayden, the visionary orchestrator behind this symphony of innovation and Senior Vice President of the Large Joints Business Unit. With a flourish of anticipation, he unveiled this masterpiece – the culmination of years etched in polyethylene’s tapestry.

Behold the dawn of the next era, a luminary blend of highly crosslinked polyethylene infused with the vitality of vitamin E antioxidant. This alchemical creation resonates with a singular purpose – to grace our patients with benefits beyond measure, echoing the heart of our relentless dedication.

Step into a realm where science waltzes with artistry, and innovation weaves its spell. Activit-E, a beacon of brilliance, emerges from the heart of research and development, transforming the very essence of polyethylene. In a symphony of progress, the need for gamma irradiation, a relic of the past, dissolves into obscurity. Behold, a material that defies convention, striking an exquisite equilibrium between strength and resilience through the magic of chemically crosslinked polyethylene.

But wait, there’s more to this tale – a visionary, Dr. Orhun Muratoglu, Director of the Harris Orthopaedic Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, takes center stage. The mind behind the inception of crosslinked polyethylene, he conjured a cascade of innovation, birthing multiple generations of vitamin E-infused, antioxidant polyethylene that now stands before us.

“Innovation begets innovation,” proclaims Muratoglu, and indeed it does. The alchemy of peroxide crosslinking coupled with the steadfast embrace of vitamin E stabilization birthed a creation that marries strength, flexibility, and resilience in the tapestry of total knee arthroplasty. This marvel not only propels the realms of medicine forward but also saves us from the brink of a gamma radiation drought, ensuring that the legacy of highly crosslinked polyethylene lives on in the joints of countless patients.

Anticipation builds, as the first act of this grand spectacle unfolds. In the early whispers of Q3 2023, select U.S. patrons shall witness the birth of Activit-E’s inaugural products. But this is just the beginning – a global odyssey awaits, set to embark in 2024, as Activit-E unfurls its wings across the world, leaving its indelible mark on the future of orthopedics.

About Exactech

“Embark on a journey into the world of medical innovation with Exactech, a visionary global company at the forefront of orthopaedic excellence. With a dynamic headquarters nestled in Gainesville, Florida, Exactech radiates its brilliance across the United States and extends its reach to over 30 vibrant markets spanning Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific.

Unlocking the potential of medical possibilities, Exactech crafts not only orthopaedic implant devices and surgical instruments but also pioneers the groundbreaking Active Intelligence® platform, a symphony of smart technologies that empowers hospitals and physicians. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare!”

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