Prosigna Test Shifts Treatment Decisions for Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients, Reveals Study by Veracyte

At ESMO Breast Cancer Congress 2023 in Berlin, Veracyte, Inc. (Nasdaq: VCYT) presented new findings from EMIT, a multi-year, population-based study in Norway. The data showed that the use of Prosigna Breast Cancer Assay had a significant impact on treatment decisions for patients with early-stage breast cancer, including a notable reduction in chemotherapy use among those classified as clinically high-risk. These results demonstrate Prosigna’s potential to revolutionize breast cancer care and outcomes.

The Prosigna assay proved to be an invaluable tool in helping physicians decide on the best course of action for their breast cancer patients. Results from the gene expression test changed treatment decisions regardless of the patient’s clinical-risk group, allowing for more consistent treatment plans across hospitals and reducing discrepancies.

According to Professor Bjørn Naume from the Department of Oncology at Rikshospitalet Oslo University Hospital, the findings show the immense value of gene expression testing for the prognosis of breast cancer.

A recent study of 2,164 women in Norway with early-stage (node-negative) breast cancer highlighted the potential of Prosigna as a powerful tool in determining the best course of treatment. Prior to Prosigna test results, 27% of the patients were directed to no systemic treatment, 38% to endocrine therapy only and 35% to chemotherapy followed by endocrine therapy.

However, the Prosigna results allowed physicians to adjust their treatment decisions, with 25%, 51% and 24% of patients being assigned to no systemic treatment, endocrine therapy only and chemotherapy followed by endocrine therapy, respectively. Notably, Prosigna test results enabled a de-escalation of chemotherapy for 45% of the patients who were initially assigned to chemotherapy prior to Prosigna results.

The Prosigna assay offers a valuable prognostic score to early breast cancer patients and their physicians, empowering them to make informed treatment decisions. Using the nCounter Analysis System, the assay evaluates the activity of the PAM50 gene signature and other clinical-pathological features to determine the likelihood of cancer recurrence for patients who receive endocrine therapy alone. With availability in Europe and other locations, Prosigna provides a powerful tool to help physicians and their patients make the best possible decisions for the future.

Veracyte is honored to have its Prosigna test included in the EMIT study, one of the most comprehensive studies to date evaluating the effect of gene expression testing on clinical decision-making and patient outcomes in breast cancer.

The findings shared at the ESMO Breast conference affirm the clinical utility of Prosigna, and Veracyte looks forward to more data generated from EMIT as researchers continue to follow up with the participants over multiple years.

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