PureTech’s Bold Move: Welcoming Robert Lyne as Chief Portfolio Officer

In a momentous stride towards transforming the landscape of biotherapeutics, PureTech Health plc (Nasdaq: PRTC, LSE: PRTC) proudly introduces a new addition to its leadership cadre. Robert Lyne, a luminary in the realm of international life science deals, portfolio management, and governance, is set to join PureTech as Chief Portfolio Officer by early January 2024.

With a decade of experience illuminating his path, Robert promises to usher in a new era of innovation and impact in the quest to change the lives of patients grappling with devastating diseases.

The anticipation is palpable as PureTech Health welcomes Robert Lyne to its illustrious management team. With a shared commitment to revolutionizing the world of biotechnology, Robert’s appointment as Chief Portfolio Officer marks a pivotal moment in PureTech’s journey to bring impactful treatments to patients in need.

Daphne Zohar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PureTech, expressed her enthusiasm, emphasizing Robert’s extensive legal, operational, and IP commercialization experience, which aligns seamlessly with PureTech’s innovative hub-and-spoke business model.

Robert Lyne’s impressive background speaks volumes. He arrives at PureTech after a transformative stint at Arix Bioscience plc, where he served as General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer, and later ascended to the role of Chief Executive Officer in April 2021. His career path, which began as a lawyer at the international law firm Bird & Bird LLP in London, unfolded into a remarkable journey encompassing Touchstone Innovations, a London-listed biotech and technology investor.

With over 80 venture capital financings across Europe and North America, along with numerous trade exits and IPOs under his belt, Robert brings a wealth of experience and vision to the table. His BA from the University of Oxford and LLB from Oxford Brookes University serve as testaments to his academic prowess.

Robert Lyne is equally thrilled about this new chapter, stating, “I am delighted to be joining the management team at PureTech during such an exciting time in the Company’s growth.” His enthusiasm mirrors PureTech’s own innovative spirit, as he shares their vision for the hub-and-spoke model in biotechnology.

PureTech’s remarkable track record in developing transformative therapies aligns seamlessly with Robert’s ambitions, and he eagerly anticipates collaborating with the skilled team at PureTech and their outstanding network of advisors to propel the company forward. The future looks brighter than ever for PureTech Health with Robert Lyne at the helm.

About PureTech Health

In the realm of clinical-stage biotherapeutics, there exists a powerhouse called PureTech, driven by an unwavering dedication to breathe life into groundbreaking medicines that hold the power to transform the lives of patients grappling with devastating diseases. What sets PureTech apart is not just its vision but its unparalleled ability to bring that vision to fruition.

The beating heart of this endeavor is PureTech’s exceptional research and development team, bolstered by a vast network of brilliant scientists, clinicians, and industry leaders. Together, they have crafted a diverse and robust pipeline, a testament to their relentless pursuit of innovation. With a staggering 27 therapeutics and therapeutic candidates under their belt, PureTech stands at the forefront of medical breakthroughs.

Among their illustrious achievements, two stand out as shining beacons of hope: Plenity® and EndeavorRx®. These remarkable treatments have not only received the green light from the US FDA but have also earned European marketing authorization, offering solace and potential healing to countless patients. But the journey doesn’t stop there; enter KarXT, poised on the brink of an FDA approval filing, poised to add another chapter to PureTech’s legacy of transformation.

As if this weren’t enough, PureTech’s prowess extends across various indications and stages of clinical development, including registration-enabling studies. Every program and platform that fuels this remarkable pipeline was not merely stumbled upon but meticulously nurtured and validated by the visionary minds at PureTech.

In the grand tapestry of healthcare innovation, PureTech stands as a beacon of progress, a testament to the remarkable impact that can be achieved when dedication meets innovation. With each therapeutic candidate, they are rewriting the future of medicine, one life-changing breakthrough at a time.

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